[] official website traffic anomaly how to correct feedback

site traffic anomaly is the webmaster has been the most troublesome problem, and each problem in the center to submit feedback, often reply please describe your problem, how to describe the problem? Therefore, guest feedback center attendant, Jun, to give you detailed how to correctly submit feedback.

2, In


in the feedback center backstage, feedback attendant most often see is: "my site traffic drops, included is down, please love Shanghai personnel check." This feedback most people head, no data support, does not provide URL trace, and a site may have a plurality of two level domains, such a simple description not only unable to quickly solve the problem, but also increased the workload of the attendant.

the following cheats, please remember the webmaster, submit only the correct treatment, to get the fastest response:

, the webmaster can try to provide data to trace the clues that will help the site better and faster tracing problem solving.

see the table below summarizes:

if the owners found that natural search, row in front, a gambling pornographic and other low quality sites, can also be added in the feedback screenshot and pointed out that the attendant problems faster and convenient.

3, site traffic decline, webmasters need to provide specific channels, which directory flow decreased, and should provide a key site before, in search of 127, daily get much traffic; traffic decline, the location of the search keywords, get traffic such as providing, reduce the number of keywords; "Beijing day", the site of the corresponding URL is abc贵族宝贝.cn/12345, the same 5 groups submitted 3- keywords and URL can deal with.

site included drop, single is not required to provide the love of Shanghai included URL, also added are not included screenshots, URL provides 3- 5 to

1, if the site flow decreased, included drop, please provide the specific site data drops, if you need to provide is the primary domain domain of URL, change the flow capture; if specific to a certain level two domain, you need to provide two level domain data.

there are many sites confused, why do I have to provide these complex content, not love Shanghai should have a background at a glance? However, there is no such background. If only in accordance with the primary domain site to submit questions, the attendant can only see the site home page, the specific site in which the URL is not included, the attendant is impossible to know, not only to get included URL, can trace the site from the database capture path.

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