A dedecms article page of Shanghai Longfeng four optimization love Shanghai included rate

Optimization of

three, the review:

Optimization of

due to the use of the establishment of the dedecms website very much, use the default template is also relatively more, thus causing a large number of web pages contain the same parts, such as the top step, I think this is a disadvantage for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, if you feel on the top part is not very important can delete or comment out in the document template page in the code, also can reduce the volume of code page.

four, the bottom of the page copyright Optimization:

H1 tag is used to represent the most important, the main title of "modified, used dedecms friends all know, the default H1 tag system is used in the logo page on the picture, very wasteful, the author thinks that H1 can be used to label the title of the article title above, so as to more prominent title that is, modification method in the article page template (path: templetsdefaultarticle_article.htm) H1 tags from the logo Picture Department moved to the title of the article.

two, at the end part of the top step optimization:

, the article page H1 Tags:

dedecms system, the bottom part of the default copyright is the way also caused a lot of as like as two peas, repetitive content, love Shanghai love to repeat things, or modify, modify and others do not like.

dedecms is the webmaster. More familiar, more well-known content management system, but also for the vast number of friends choose up to a CMS system, the author of the site of the www.shuashoucang.net is to use dedecms to build, this time with you to share the dream is the content page several details of the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, improve the "original", to promote the love of Shanghai included rate, because the author is not a professional Shanghai Longfeng staff, so this paper views represent only the author’s point of view, also welcome webmaster friends criticism.

The installation of

with the above second points, the Shanghai spiders love love are original thing not seen a large number of web pages containing the same things, is not very friendly to the search engine, if you use the comments, it can also be delete or comment out.

through the above four point changes, I believe your web page code not only reduces the volume, there is no large number of repetitive code content, the rest of the basic is their website content, which in Shanghai is included in the rate for the love, will be beneficial, the site after optimization of these small details, some false original article basically can be love Shanghai included, the effect is good. In this paper, by 贵族宝贝shuashoucan>

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