Through the construction of the chain about sales technique

said rationality, because Zhao Yangang would like to remind you that in the text of the anchor chain is not perfectly matched to the title and keywords can.

why do you say, we might get some words to simulation exercises:

value added is implicit demand, as it were, bought a iPhone mobile phone, most people will buy a mobile phone shell, mobile power, all know that iPhone is too damn electricity. If the user is watching the quiz page is introduced on the mobile phone, you have to introduce the mobile phone peripheral products link, they will look at? 85% people will see, because there is a demand for these things they.

? style? This article is about

the sales operation if I was here, the reason for such an operation if quick thinking friends should have understood, and the user direct access to the site, and then buy mobile phone product pages provide recommendation is a reason, we below for the construction of the chain of what we should do.

delivery! ?

sales staff: Yes, forgot to tell you that we are now engaged in activities, you ordered our mobile phone, you can also buy a certain quality of the mobile phone shell 1 to the price of 20 yuan, 80 yuan to buy a mobile power * * ma (omitted, now buy quality description) is also very affordable. To this address to your

accessoriesThe so-called ?

customer: Yes, what is the




when the user clicks on the past, of course will also look at the introduction of the product, if the introduction is very fuzzy, certainly not. Just imagine, this is the hidden needs of users, in this paper can be said to be our webmaster to remind the user what they need, and they are aware of this, but when viewing the page without detailed and reasonable and authoritative, persuasion is too small, the conversion rate is equivalent to dropped to freezing point.

customer: this mobile phone shell and mobile power is what color? I can pick

of the construction of the chain through telephone sales in operation if the thinking guide, everyone more or less may have received a telephone sales calls, and sell their products, I do not know whether we have noticed them and every word you say may be through study.

customer: no problem,

2, ?

sales staff: Hello, I am certain the company’s customer service commissioner, you here a iPhone mobile phone customization in the first two days, and confirm your contact address, in a certain province…… Excuse me, do you have a problem, no problem. I will arrange the shipment

3, the construction of the chain in the rationality of

sales staff: Hello, is Mr. / MS.

1, the value of the product or the

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