Website optimization strategy two buy a domain name note

we usually go to buy the domain name before the domain name Trading Forum portal to Amoy to domain name, domain name trading website or go to Amoy domain. Domain name trading forum first A5, network owners can, in addition DNBBS, DOMAIN community, 55LA forum has released many transaction information, you can come to the forum to find the right domain name. It also can be directly to the domain name trading website to find, then the most important is "network, then is love net (, CN (, domain name city (, Bao Ninfa (b08贵族宝贝), vent, amber network etc..

Safe transfer of

, how to find the right domain name.

2, hoping to purchase a registration for a long time and short domain to enhance the image of the website.

in an article in this issue we have already mentioned, is here to explain, because we have to buy the domain name, not free to select the domain name service provider, so when choosing a domain name, the domain name to contact the seller as a service provider, pick the option we choose domain name. If it is for the domestic market, on the choice of domestic service providers, if it is a special industry to avoid risks brought about domain name, then choose the best domain name service provider abroad. We recommend taking the domain name is ename,, PUSH fast parsing speed is also good.

then buy according to different reasons also have different considerations, but the basic principle is safe and stable, no risk. We come from the following description.

in the last article we mentioned some cautions about domain name registration, then open the mini to come to you today to analyze some matters needing attention in the purchase of the domain name. First of all, why should we buy a domain name? Actually purchase the domain name has its own reasons, then nothing more than the following:

two, domain name service provider selection.

4, want to buy a high PR domain to facilitate the exchange Links.

transactions are generally the domain name after the first shipment, and because we are unable to independently determine buyers, buy platform, so this option also has to be considered before choosing the domain name. Our requirement is safe, reliable, stable, no risk. We must first examine the seller’s credit, you can choose A5, Taobao, pat and other third party security trading platform can reduce the risk. After the completion of the safe transfer to confirm payment, to ensure the safety of fund.

three, the purchase of the domain name.


1, buy a

and there is a certain correlation between the domain name of the site for construction.

The analysis of historical data, the domain name

3, the record time for a long time, the need for a record of the domain name.

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