What are the advantages of the nternet era choice website optimization

has the advantages of low cost, two


is a master of the Shanghai Dragon technology professionals, must carry on the optimization of a website is not need to invest any money cost, you can say is zero investment, obviously it with those expensive advertising expenditure is much cheaper, the price is Shanghai dragon very high, if the Shanghai dragon can do the normal search engine rankings, the latter part of people "no matter how many times clicks are not required to pay, as long as they can keep ranking, can not pay in recent years.

as long as the optimization after Shanghai Longfeng customers click traffic are very high quality traffic, people only need to select the appropriate keywords, the flow is converted into effective traffic when there are very high, this time the show’s ranking quite easy to be accepted by the public, because people think that as long as favorable is the search engine rankings are more worthy of trust, search engine hits rate of at least%60 higher than the general engine gives click.

site is the main structure of search engine optimization to search engine principle and user needs to be optimized not only for a search engine, generally speaking, if it is in the love of Shanghai has a relatively good ranking site on the other search engines also have good performance, therefore, we say that cover Shanghai Longfeng range is quite wide.

said the advantage of Web site optimization, then you should try to understand what is the website optimization, website optimization in the catch efficiency of the times is urgently needed, more and more companies are willing to go along this way of investment, because it can improve the hit rate and ranking on the base of cost saving. So it is a special advantage more.

has three, optimization of persistent

has four, covering a wide range of optimization


although the Shanghai dragon takes time in the implementation stage, but in the future it will be more and more enterprises to become the enterprise development necessary.

has a good optimization effect,

insiders know that if it is to do the search engine PPC, once you stop to participate in the bidding, so ranking immediately stop, could not be found, this is the timeliness of the general search engine in the bidding, but if you put on the Shanghai dragon does not need to worry, as long as it is obtained by normal the post ranking means to safeguard the case, not only will not greatly change ranking and over time it will accumulate more, but the ranking is more stable, so persistent Shanghai dragon brings is currently cannot get any promotion way.


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