To tell you the Shanghai dragon it is necessary to take seriously the reason

please take your Shanghai dragon article seriously, because it is your weapon! Don’t think you wrote this article to Shanghai dragon included only, they eventually will appear in your company’s target consumer’s view, if these consumers see your company’s article was clueless, unintelligible, so they how would your company? Or maybe you’re just a so-called Shanghai dragon team, working with this company is a key, as long as the pile up on it, do not need to consider the actual benefits, the company well, I tell you, you are killing your growth space, because even if you have the company’s key pile up in a very short period of time, but in fact you are constantly making a pile of garbage, and is likely to allow these companies The potential consumers to see the garbage, their impression of the company once poor, then your days will never better! Don’t kill the goose, please treat your current job seriously, if you really think I do this for no future, or as early as possible to act. Don’t waste your precious time!

see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng article, purely for the search engines and compiled, this type of article is not soft, but in a never know what industry forum excerpt back, then the connection mechanically inserted, and not a little plug, plug two or three, after more than an article with a string of connection, let a person look no temper, do have the effect? I doubt very much, perhaps there will be a short time effect, but is more trouble for the day after his.

A small example of the past with the

to explain why it is necessary to treat each one carefully. The Shanghai dragon. A long time ago, I had to do the scene a cosmetic brand promotional activities, promotional made friends all know, if you have already had the certain consumer groups, so one of the best marketing methods, is to do DM advertising, this is indeed a very cost-effective, but also can directly reach the target consumer marketing, then this promotion is on campus, in the event, the author prepared about 3000 leaflets, spent 10 a cadre of students, dormitory wash floor activities, to send a single accurate delivery to every dormitory inside the washing floor the event was very successful, attracting a large number of target consumer groups over the promotional site, the entire event lasted for three days, in the past few days inside sales very good. If this is the end of the story if it is a very good thing, but on the third day of activities in the process, because too many people buy a product because of the result while giving a toner products a serious shortage, is in a state of such occurrence, a small episode, pointing to the students pass elemental asked us, said the purchase of this product is not to send the toner? Why do I change into other gifts, why not give the toner, our answer is, "

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