On the optimization of the six note

The optimization of

to write a high quality original to search engine is very friendly, but the correlation between the content of the article is also very important, such as the website keyword is how I can lose weight quickly, the content written to the topic related to weight loss. The topic is not related to the poor in the eyes of search engines, especially when you send the chain must pay attention to the correlation! (many people may think I said this is nonsense, but I only share their experiences in it, and you can guarantee that no one would make such wrong)

keyword appears position is to a certain extent for the optimization, the best general keyword in the left and the top, which is based on the search engine grab the order. For example, I’m writing a keyword optimization: how can the rapid weight loss, I will appear at the beginning of this keyword, then in combination also appears once, it would be you to optimize the key word in the middle.

three, the location of


we often stay for another article link, should pay attention to here, you have the best links and content of the article, you have correlation, it is very important for Shanghai dragon. I stand to lose weight and keywords slimming belt, slimming belt, so when I lose weight optimization belt, will leave to write the related contents in the thin belt in the article.

four, the correlation between the

, the original quality and correlation of

as an important part of the station optimization, has a pivotal position, write a high quality of the original article than to write 10 articles pseudo original is more effective. The optimization is used to improve the website included an effective way and the amount of traffic, a good article can be reproduced and then get well outside the chain of resources. By writing in the form of a hyperlink pointing into the keyword page to improve website weight, while leaving other articles in which links to help guide users to browse more of your articles, and keep the user to improve the site conversion rate.


suggested an article only optimize a keyword >

keyword densityWhen

five, keyword optimization to the diversity of

link to stayIn the optimization of

we are the optimization, in addition to pay attention to quality of the original articles also have a lot of attention we must pay attention to, I would stand to lose weight as an example, to share with you to optimize several matters needing attention.

write into the keyword is a must, but also pay attention to the appropriate keyword density, not malicious keyword stuffing makes the keyword density too high, generally the keyword density should be 2%-6%. In fact, we do not need to write the left deliberately optimized trace, a lot of the time you forget you are in the optimization effect would be better.


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