Love Shanghai Sogou 360 three of the world who will be the most popular

remember when you see the three most dislike is Cao Cao, Liu Bei is the most sympathetic to Sun Quan’s view, is neither love nor hate. Just now the search engine competition, the author is Sun Quan for 360 views as, for Sogou love, hate the most is love Shanghai. It is likely because of the recent algorithm adjustment, ranking let us do the webmaster have to do on the site, of course, these are just the author as a webmaster perspective to see love Shanghai, at the same time if you stand in the position of the user, for the love of Shanghai is the love of the interface.

three search engine competition so quickly, let us also see a reality version of "Romance of the three kingdoms". Users who in the world, no matter what they believe, only the real user point of view to consider the search engine, is the ultimate winner.

360 "looting" watch love Shanghai soft

by the Ningde talent network 贵族宝贝ndrcw贵族宝贝/ >

The content of

"an unmarried girl" at top speed of

360 in this year’s every move has been a lot of netizens support. Fell in love with the sea lost people at the same time, then the "looting" doubled, which poked love Shanghai’s weakness, but also by the heart of the Internet, can be described as both a double harvest.

Sogou search share expansion, is also under a lot of hard work, from the development and change of this year, Sogou also launched a knowledge search, knowledge map search, search, shopping search, Sogou encyclopedia, Sogou Q & a services. Rich product line and improve the search service, which fits the current user diversified search needs, its viscosity and flow is also increasing.


from the above data chart, we can see 360 in the search area occupy the proportion is not small, almost up to about 20% of the proportion of the search. Love Shanghai from the previous about 87% of the proportion, reduced to 63%-64%, "the throne" was threatened.

ADO, or look at the recent data map, this data from cnzz.


as the saying goes, the people of the world, the love of Shanghai in the year of each upgrade update algorithm are against the Shanghai Phoenix to enhance their products for the purpose of optimization. With the attack at the same time, its ranking algorithm is not stable, also let love Shanghai lost a lot of people.

has 360 Sogou want to buy, but did not want to marry the Sogou Italy ", there is a certain ambition. Although the dogs have ambition, but do so many years of search, has maintained a tepid state. But from the data show that in August this year, Sogou also broke the 10% share of the search, the little girl became a "strong woman", "inverse potential" raid love Shanghai. Figure:

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