Personal movie website Shanghai dragon road should decide on what path to follow

early new will not have too much weight, spider crawling in to your site, limit the crawling time, so repeated crawling too much, often leads to not included, even not included. So we should be simple, complex, and then optimize the mid late follow the new home page in the chain.

H1, H2

I have no successful movie website for everyone to do the demonstration, but spare time will read a few books in the Shanghai dragon, do a few words.

website layout is very important, because the definition of many movie station open source system in the station layout are very reasonable, column page is divided into movies, television dramas, variety, animation, and classification in the column.

here ignore keyword research steps, many Shanghai dragon r should know the positioning of your site positioning, "online watch", or "XX," or "free video" or master key words not too tangled, if the master key words, try a little more competitive positioning the word is your grand ideal than Youku or personal website "energy-saving"? Think keywords master is not much necessary, because the movie website resources can bring out a lot of long tail words, to clear the long tail word is king, master the words in the back seems to be less and less. Most after your website can be a good brand of words (this is not to dwell on it).


new home page within the chain is not easy too much



we want to know is, according to the Shanghai Dragon (including user) H1, H2 label point of how to place each page. >


movie website how to walk the road of Shanghai dragon? Movie station content is often impossible to capture the main processing, one for the content, so for a lot of little Shanghai Longfeng friends, seem to do not know how to start. In fact, Shanghai dragon is not necessarily the original, if must say Shanghai dragon is the need to support the original, so I dare to say that all reasonable website group of Chengdu should be original and reproduced, which is more valuable. Because you are providing user information needs (here about the electronic commerce), that a lot of information are the same, you only need to provide for others can, do not need to have been entangled in my site are original. The following is divided into several points to elaborate I personally feel that the film website of Shanghai dragon road Gairuhezou:

. The layout of

in some movie website owners group found more and more movie webmaster confused, do not know how to operate, do not know how to do, the site was K, included the bottleneck, the chain become do not know how to send on a variety of problems emerge in an endless stream, and plus the mentality meaning messy, not retreat still, the time was running out.

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