My website Shanghai Longfeng experience of right down causes and Solutions

solution: if the owners do not want to love Shanghai sites are more severely punished, so webmaster publish content on the renewal of clothing is best to modify the pseudo original content, even the owners just changed a title, or a paragraph. The content, anyway they do not like the original content on the line as like as two peas. In addition, if you have time, usually may wish to write some original content, after all the collection from the content is never more than their own original content written by

yang to get weight or are generally ranked by external chain chain with friends to reach, it is also for this reason online will have "the chain for emperor", however, although the chain is very important to the site with the weight of the table, but can’t increase too much in a short period of time. In addition, the webmaster! Don’t think that the chain is.

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only careful webmaster definitely noticed a phenomenon, that is compared to the domestic Google or some other search engines, love Shanghai for the website changes more sensitive, such as website just changed a website about Google word, whether you or how high the PR value is low, generally after one or two days normal updates included, and the site basically will not be what effect, but the love of Shanghai is different, especially in the case of website weight is not high enough, when the station changed the site, basically will be like

3) the chain added too much in a short time, and the quality of most of the chain are not high

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solution: the only time some webmaster can do is wait quietly, as long as you love in Shanghai is not restore the weights of the website to maintain "stable", not just change the website, I believe that as long as one or two weeks later love Shanghai weeks after more website weight nature will you the recovery of


1) website recently was altered, may change the website keywords, or template

drop right punishment!

the personal website content of domestic are mostly you pick me, I reproduced you, this is extremely caused by repetitive content is too high, if your site by gathering light or reproduced to enrich the website, but not to the acquisition or transfer of the false original content changes, then your website will be very easy love Shanghai right down, and even may be more severely punished.

2) website content quality is not high, and not by gathering all the pseudo original modified

when the owners found his website snapshot not update, or is not included in the Shanghai love page of website content, as well as ranking keywords suddenly decline, so this time to pay attention to the webmaster, because the reason of this situation is that your website is likely to be the love of Shanghai down the right, what is the reason that leads to love Shanghai site is down right? To solve this problem, I summed up the four common reasons and related solutions, you might as well refer to


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