Sogou detailed WeChat headlines accelerated mobile search front attack

Public information from the official WeChat

"to tell the truth, after WeChat search is more media people use, but after WeChat made headlines, public users will be more love." Wang Xiaochuan on the "First Financial Daily", the media said.

, including WeChat provides the contents of the public number difference of the way of reading, "the touch of a button" local life services, commodity bar code price fast experience. Especially into WeChat’s unique content, innovation and the introduction of the "WeChat headlines", which means Sogou more in-depth cooperation with Tencent. Behind this new Sogou mobile search to significantly accelerate the pace of positive battlefield attack.

WeChat launched a public platform from last year to WeChat search, Sogou search headlines, is trying to break the "WeChat content closed", find a different path in the mobile search competition in the red sea.

, WeChat big data analysis of the contents of the public number based on the classification of innovative Sogou content recommendation by the political control, the hand piece, coffee, and other fine technology gossip character attributes, a social media platform with self publishing features, on the other hand, users can quickly find identity tags. The contents of their own interest, improve the efficiency of information retrieval and reading viscosity.

to break the "black box"

according to the user identity label, "WeChat’s headlines can be personalized recommendation corresponding topic and content, which in the understanding of user interest based on the precision, also can realize the scale of the personality.

headlines for example, Sogou behind is offered in processing ability to search, support WeChat account login, user interest spectrum recognition, perfect classification and automatic identification tag technology, attention to user behavior feedback, and the integration of WeChat big data analysis, follow up the change of user interest, to meet the user’s intelligence different reading needs. This has to a certain extent, and can import micro-blog account login APP headlines today launched a competition.

in Wang Xiaochuan’s view, WeChat holds the most attention of the user, is generated based on the mobile Internet, with more and more rich bearing function of WeChat, can search more and more content, how to help users quickly and accurately obtain information is Sogou search mission, and how to help users to get the content they want to WeChat look, WeChat and Sogou together want to achieve".

, now WeChat’s total number of public number has more than 5 million 800 thousand, the average daily increase of the number rose from last year’s 8000 to 15 thousand, the production of high quality content a lot every day, while Sogou search mobile client 3 "launched WeChat headlines, is effectively activate the massive high-quality content to settle WeChat platform on, but also directly increase the thickness of Sogou mobile search content"".

In addition to WeChat The WeChat

Tencent strategy in Sogou shares more than a year, in January 19th, Sogou released three in the field of mobile Internet: WeChat headlines, local life, bar code price.

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