See from the love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain link in the analysis of transfer points


index in the forum, love Shanghai retrieved text information is "good", this is our regular forum signature, after all there are many forums are not to use the anchor text, so I used the site to replace, but, if not after typesetting and the continuation of the web site, you are likely to enter into such an environment, that is to be passed in a relationship between love Shanghai "good", "top, write well, such a correlation, this is a very rough dry effective? Although cannot control others to you do you do outside the chain, but the link must be standardized.

as above, we can see a simple web site, is a random find, but we can love from Shanghai webmaster tools to get the link name see very clearly, love Shanghai for the transmission links are generally based on the environment and decide, generally speaking, is some in front of the text. This will remind. What are the specific, will be transferred to the Shanghai love some information, these words are very important, the need for good analysis, can also use these words to know some relevance to this website, even after the site open, it can also be obtained.

The elements of

This picture is just a

however, the back of the text. It is of little significance, we can see from above, the back of the site has been unable to let love Shanghai that is a link correlation transfer so that, if you need to do the chain text after it, as far as possible to their web site in front of the anchor text in the improve the relevance of the show.


is very important

and in many cases, if there is no anchor text in front of your site, and use directly. "

believes that now everyone began to use love Shanghai webmaster tools, from the beginning of love after Shanghai Webmaster Tools upgrade, has been in use, the chain analysis of this one has some interesting for everyone to discuss, after all, this analysis can make a lot of people find how to do good. Outside the chain, then you from the chain of these sites, find out what to learn where it is, in fact, we can find a lot of love Shanghai link analysis way and way of the page from the link display, and those who pay attention to.

a). The name near

have also been observed in this love Shanghai Webmaster Platform the link name, find it necessary to explain, after all, a name information often comes with correlation, correlation is often love Shanghai for a judgment website, this is the need to always pay attention to, and in fact we in many cases do not pay attention to this point, it should be noted that missed a lot of information and data, it is about the link name some small point

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