Shenzhen Shanghai dragon decoration company A new force suddenly rises

began to share!

Shenzhen many decoration company website is actually a simple enterprise display station, even many navigation routines are the same: about us, enterprise information, services, case, advantage, contact us. This website also want to play Shanghai dragon, that his poor play dead time! In order to avoid playing dead, multi peak will be from three aspects:

two, the user experience: you set up the station, a lot of content Never mind half cents for users who do not know everything. So you want to truly to enrich the content of the website, the layout of some a bit with the content for users, increase credibility. For example, decoration, decoration decoration. Ask the Raiders plate etc.. This content can not only help to a part of the user (also look very professional, at the same time) is the most suitable for the layout of the long tail word.

content type plate, will make the decoration company headache. In fact, I personally feel that the content is need to be modified, only need to solve the problem on the line. A lot of decoration companies in a look that is copied, there is no practical experience. So I recommend editing much run site, found the problem, consult a master, to solve the problem. This >

and the Internet environment especially some of the large Internet brand in Shenzhen, are basically in the bidding, such as × Tai decoration. Of course, the Internet environment also give money, left a way out, it is the Shanghai dragon, after all, the auction is the rich people play the game.


Of course, this increase in


, a website volume: this type of site has a fatal point, that is the key limitation. A enterprise stand is usually the main keywords layout about 3-5, so this limits the maximum number of keywords. Based on the constraints of the problem, we need to make appropriate adjustments to the site. The most rapid and effective method is the substation mode (Zhan Qun). For example: Shenzhen has a decoration company, the radiation range is the whole of Shenzhen, then you can put the site in accordance with the area to be divided, is the ten station ten district. The purpose of doing so is to a greater extent to the layout of key words, of course expand so that your main keywords will be the maximum to 30 – 50.


Shanghai dragon’s slow, heavy workload, but low cost, good effect, has been a very controversial topic. A promotion we are also willing to try, the core reason or relatively low cost.

has a population of 20 million in Shenzhen, residential, office decoration demand is very large. See around a lot of decoration company landing, also let me sigh cruel industry. Through the research and analysis of multi peak for a period of time, I hope we can help to share some of the methods, also welcome the exchange of twins:

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