Share a download website optimization case Shanghai dragon after optimization of flow over 40 times

well, the website developed by Shanghai dragon diagnosis after the execution of our company to the website is more and more attention, before the Shanghai Phoenix, editing, technology of the one, now extended to the editorial staff of 6 people, although Shanghai Dragon technology how, but after learning the Shanghai dragon book on diagnosis the content, now the Shanghai dragon head to improve skills can be said very well. Remember that we are doing the diagnostic package 15000 yuan at that time, the editorial training, now editor to write the article can be said very good, in fact, we have always attached great importance to the editing, but suffer from editing ability to improve, not to write the article with Shanghai dragon. But now it is different, the ability to edit it, produce the content of quality has also been improved.

simple diagnosis of the contents of the book, because the book value of the diagnosis is too big, so share a small part only, also do not spray:

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on this station in Shanghai was able to optimize the flow after the dragon is over 40 times, thanks to the A5 webmaster network Shanghai dragon team help. As it happened, our leaders and stationmaster net boss graph king is met, so it will find the relationship through this network of stationmaster net of Shanghai Longfeng team Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of our website. Until the Shanghai dragon heard webmaster can make a web site to diagnosis, variable quality station station, garbage let now indeed, let us eye-opening company. So, thank you very much for them. Of course, this case before they asked to do a successful share "Shanghai dragon diagnosis case: wonderful download station just three months on the 3" rapid weight 0, specific data can map to this article on.

mobile business model, specifically what products do not say, the company a year ago to run a half-dead download website, one day, not a day to do optimization, leading to the site with no waste what difference. One day later, the company leadership should pay more attention to the site, to keep the website traffic up to do. The boss suddenly have this idea, in fact, is not strange, because this kind of site is very popular in the future, and the number of user needs also increasingly multiplication. So, the boss asked us to download this station optimization.

We are a Internet Co of

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is currently the station of flow and then compare it to rise is very obvious, the average daily flow of the original is 500-1000+, and the average daily traffic now can reach 40000+, most of them are love Shanghai lailu. This for our company is very happy, who would have thought the site after Shanghai dragon after optimization will be such a big change. To use a word to describe: "an ugly duckling into a swan, metamorphosis incomparable! Here is the morning section map, reference:

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