Summarize the common methods of negative Shanghai Dragon

negative Shanghai Dragon

typical spam links including mass blog comments, forum messages, link farms, a lot of meaningless free blog, even news publishing, copyright links, guest blog template seems not too much garbage links is also often considered unnatural.

generally, duplicate content is not a punishment for internal site due to technical reasons may duplicate content, the website also will have normal. But if all the contents of a web site in other sites, the overall quality of the site may be affected.

spam links may cause the site to be punished, there are people dedicated to competitors making these spam links. The search engine can correctly judge spam links competitors made? In most cases no problem, sometimes mistakes, otherwise it will not develop to outside the chain of tools.


in Shanghai or noble love baby search for "Shanghai dragon stick a day", will see dozens of my blog ZhengZhan mirror. Of course, most not for me but a negative Shanghai dragon, people buy a domain name has nothing to put on the first mirror sites, try to play.

and relatively easy to find, such as a horse, a black chain. The site was linked to horse search results are often marked, when visiting the browser will prompt risk, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform baby Search Console and nobles are also likely to notice. Hung black chain, often look at the website to know.

to create a large number of duplicate content

competitors to create a lot of garbage link

hidden point >

Some Including the

black into the competition website and

said here negative Shanghai Longfeng and utilization of Shanghai Longfeng company means to suppress negative news (or negative network search engine of crisis public relations and reputation management) have what relation.

common negative Shanghai Longfeng method:

‘s attempt to punish the target web site search engine misjudgment. At present, all external links or search engine ranking algorithm is an important part, but not all the search engines do not love the natural link, to combat spam links. Green Luo algorithm algorithm, noble penguin baby in Shanghai is against the link.

What is

a lot of plagiarism website content, even directly to create a large number of mirror sites, the search engine that the target site of the existence of a large number of duplicate content.

wrote a new method of negative Shanghai dragon last week: user experience attack. Today a brief summary of some common methods of negative Shanghai dragon.

negative Shanghai dragon refers to their sites do not go up, through some methods, usually the wrong way, pull down the competitor’s page, sometimes effect and their pages up almost.

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