What are the forum outside the chain skills

chain has been an indispensable part of optimization. The forum outside the chain in the chain component occupies a large part of. Now the chain has become more and more difficult to send the case. In the forum outside the chain is always an important way. Although many people say that the weight of the chain fell forum. Can not consider the forum outside the chain. But that the chain is an important forum. We should not give up this part. Let me tell you in some forum outside the chain.

Leave a link to


two, sign and leave the link: BBS signature is a local forum link. Now many webmaster know this problem. So if your signature links obviously, is a mess. I often closed your account or ip. Sometimes I see some people left the signature anchor text hyperlinks and add a URL in the next. Although this can increase the number of domain love Shanghai, but this would cause the attention of the moderator, to close your account. We’d better not take our signature signature best web site, in a word, this sentence contains key words that you do, and then give the hyperlink signature plus keywords.

three, the link is called: we hope this page search engines. Then we can calculate the hair of a chain. But if the search engine is not included in this page we send the chain. The chain that we even white hair. Call the search engines we published in the forum outside the chain of the page is one of our goals. We must first understand a problem is: the interactive forum has been affected by the search engine’s favorite. So, we published an article, ask a friend to give us a reply, or your recovery. This can increase your probability as moderators see this article to reply, that readers will not casually give us delete. Or we published an article, the first part of the article in the article published in the forum, the second part when their reply.


in the article: in fact, in the article add links and links in the comments than good. Because we made the theme of our website and related. The spider climb to the link. Consider this link after the text. This links to further determine the theme or content of the site. Wuxi Shanghai dragon in the forum outside the chain, often see a lot of people in the Riga a lot of links. This seriously affected the reader’s mood. This article I saw, will definitely give you deleted. I suggest that we can at the bottom or the last paragraph add a link. This will not affect the reader’s vision, the moderator will understand, generally will not delete.


Forum Forum reply reply: actually also has the skill. Often see some with the signature of the reply on the word "top", or an expression, or simply said: "I see," in fact, learning is not good. According to the theme, it is best to carefully review or talk about their own views, if we reply, we add a link moderators generally do not delete. It can also increase your probability of this page. We >

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