Three steps to obtain the high quality of the chain website using B2B

2. title information such as company name, phone number, address, one may ask that Shanghai will not be love malvertising, actually is not a big problem, but to see what you send B2B website.

1. title contains about 3 words, a pile of moderately fine, the B2B website weight is generally relatively high, love is not banned in Shanghai.

3. and 2-3 > word content

Have contact, can

4. note information title and title and content information. My first title keywords and content greater correlation.

1. do not cross regional information release, if found to have cross regional information will be released by the audit is not obvious, serious will directly delete information or seal ID. At the same time to avoid the administrator delete information, a website issued 3 a day or so, can register multiple accounts in turn release.

three, the information content of 4 points.

2. information content is not too much to repeat, if you send the information most is love Shanghai search copy, love Shanghai will think is the duplication of information not included.

title information

, a collection of high weight website. This work will persevere, early tired, stick to it, you will have valuable resources outside the chain of your hand.

The relationship between key words

5. in a message header, don’t use at the same time: hammer crusher, hammer crusher for building such multiple keywords tied, keyword weight will reduce the single page information.

then the B2B website how to obtain the high quality of the chain, is actually very simple, the sky today to share with you to get the three steps of the high quality of the chain.

6. Information Title directly determines the amount that browse, click. Clear and contain the key information of the title can make it easier for users to master the details of the product, causing buyers more interest, may be appropriate to include the temptation, such as affordable, the lowest price, quality assurance, information can improve the conversion rate of users.

3. for the release of information the title to attract people, full of curiosity can increase the popularity of this message, Shanghai is very concerned about the user experience of love. Those who browse information are often high ranking than before.

enterprise station promotion relying only on the B2B website for browsing is not enough, what we want is the amount of information, is the love of the Shanghai home page ranking, is the customer, if we can use the B2B website to do some competition small keywords, increase the amount of information, but also can use the B2B website to obtain the high quality the chain so as to drive the website ranking then, killing two birds with one stone. We can inquire about my this station crusher 贵族宝贝shizishengchanxian贵族宝贝 is doing more than two months, the chain increased more than 6000.

two, 6

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