Try to find fun in Shanghai Longfeng work

is the original essential soft each Shanghai dragon staff, and the original Shanghai dragon also seems to be the most troublesome thing need to update every day, is still the original high quality, this is where to find inspiration, the industry that something, how could so say then, estimated that many people have this idea. I began to like, completely puzzled, also need this Shanghai dragon repeated, endless topic cycle, seems to have run out of ideas, did not feel any content can be written, feel boring, headache, upset. Then summarize the Shanghai dragon’s words, boring, tedious, and even start a little confused tired. Just then I wanted to know, when you work for work, in order to Shanghai and Shanghai when the dragon dragon optimization, you will feel that this is a very boring thing, every job you will feel particularly tough, even longer, when you try to find the fun from time. You will find that your work is very interesting. Original looking for inspiration, you can have a look at the recent industry news, recently on the Internet what gossip event, can also go to the forum stroll to see other people to write things, learn from experience, inspired by. These are actually very interesting and funny.

every day struggling from the many webmaster forums do Jianfengchazhen, insist not to get in by every opening, every hair of the chain of opportunity, as long as there is a gap can be put into the link to the website. This is the Shanghai dragon one, and then count in the massive towers in return the signature of the chain, now the chain is not easy, the signature is still. Just repeating cycles, feel boring is not unusual thing, seems to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a boring job. In fact, if a job is interesting, you will feel happy, totally depends on everyone. Mainly from the following aspects from which I find fun experience for me.

two, released the chain

three blog marketing,

we released the chain is mainly through two channels, one is the webmaster forum, a classification of information network. In the webmaster forum in addition to the hair of the chain, see others outside the chain, we can also do some tasks, daily attendance, to express the feelings of the day, and then look at the space of others, to satisfy my curiosity, these can let their work become a little more interesting. In the classified information network, we can watch videos of beauty, meet a delicacy of temptation in the vision, to appreciation of others or Tucao posts, these are the reach of other industries. Novelty fun, this is how I feel.

blogging is a very interesting thing, but a lot of time that we feel all the things once with linking work will become special boring, every day for the keyword link or put up and brains to >

A soft, original

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