The pursuers step by step love Shanghai how to deal with the immediate crisis


indeed. The mobile Internet market is bound to become the next generation of Internet development in the main camp, and according to the current situation, voice assistant function and search function is still the mainstream of mobile Internet, WeChat not only has text messaging interface, voice interface open interface, and its more than 300 million users have been to Shanghai 50 million voice assistant users far left in the behind. While the use of voice assistant >

said the first love between 360 and Shanghai’s competition, has long been known as the Internet in the world of things. According to the survey report of the United States Agency Hitwise released in January this year pointed out that the current Shanghai visits love search engine search volume is 65.7%, far more than 360 search 8.7%, but since 360 in the last 8 search share just on the line, the search flow speed up soon, just on the line steady stability occupy the search engine market second a far better than the other, Sogou search, Bing search, no wonder love Shanghai so nervous, Kingsoft and Tencent to jointly deal with the 360 week old, and recently has always been to "free" service began to learn to love the sea in search engine business, put in the Shanghai market and grab the love. The old week super fast speed, just do a few days, the news came out, the agents have been put in place, and all under the banner of "I love Shanghai is preferential" Sign, although traffic is worse than to fall in love with the sea several times, but the auction price is better than love Shanghai lower by nearly 10 times, the old week Shibai clear to grab the market, it seems that the old week really love spoiler not to let Robin Li worry.

technology is not always king ", this sentence is the same, put on the Internet as appropriate. Look at the user of the world’s first Facebook after Twitter has already been surpassed, even fell out of the top three mobile phone operating system Symbian system over ten years, Google was eventually defeated by an open Android system, the Internet industry as one falls, another rises too much, just can find a lot to count. Now, our first love Chinese search entrance Shanghai is whether Shanghai can safely have enemies in front and rear, love to resolve this crisis, or like the Facebook technology products were declining and beyond then? Let’s take a look at.

on the other hand the pressure from Shanghai united against the 360 love partner Tencent. Although on the surface, the Tencent layout seems to fall in love with the sea do not constitute a competitive relationship, but in fact, some of the products of the Tencent has become the obstacle to the development of love in Shanghai. As a "WeChat copy recently by smart 360 co-founder Li Chuanfeng wrote who posterior? Love Shanghai!" and innovation works chairman and chief executive officer Li Kaifu at micro-blog in three "stop" and an exclamation of bold speculation WeChat’s future plans, the industry believes that WeChat not only copy of love Shanghai and Shanghai bridges, for love didn’t have much time.

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