Using fine transformation

2, the fine-tuning is not revision: substantial adjustment is the revision, adjustment of local fine-tuning is small.

3, solve the website right down: fine-tuning is right down the website can solve some problems, such as: snapshot not update, or some keywords ranking in the second page of the real life, we are fine-tuning, let search engine on the page to grab recalculated rankings.

refers to the adjustment according to the needs of users to our website to do a partial adjustment, including text, pictures, and other visible elements modification and adjustment.

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1, stable keywords ranking: do Shanghai Longfeng students will find a lot of time in time when we search keywords appear to date and we do not like the web site, this is the search engine index database update time, and search engine ranking and the last update time. Often fine-tuning, helps to increase the spider crawling frequency, but also can satisfy the needs of different users in different time, and thus the stability of ranking.

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from the editor to optimize, I have been in accordance with the former head of the optimization work plan of our site, but the ranking is not satisfied, keywords ranking is not stable, the conversion rate is not high. After the accumulation of experience, I have some of their own, that is the fine-tuning of the website, the unexpected is unexpectedly improves the conversion rate, so today and I recommend this book to those people with the same condition.


if a page does not change the long-term, it will be included in the search engine the omission of the entry, or has been removed from the search engine index database, so we have to carry out fine-tuning, let search engines often update our web page.

good tune

, what is fine

: many people may wonder, fine-tuning can promote the conversion rate? Yes, we give an example: a product, we recommend different products in different periods, rather than on the recommendation of the whole product, is not the first to improve the conversion rate.

to the mall product page for example, how the page content and fine-tuning, the benefits of doing so.

note: 1, the fine-tuning is not update is a new page, fine-tuning is modified on the existing pages. Adjustment.

Three, how to operate >


1, recommended productsWe know that

brings the recommended products products in the conversion rate is very high, we can according to the user to provide similar products or recommend some packages, and recommend customers to buy the goods which are also buying goods and other methods to achieve the fine tuning, and can improve the conversion rate.

2, improve the conversion rate of

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