What do the website of Shanghai Longfeng key point optimization

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng there are many articles on the Internet, some key is from Shanghai dragon optimization idea to carry out the discussion, some is discussed from the Shanghai dragon optimization details, some of it is discussed from the angle of the operation, some are from the stage of development of this website. These rich content often let people see dizzying, but also make many people feel unable to start, it will make many webmaster think Shanghai Longfeng optimization is difficult.

second, to increase the flow of construction. Shanghai dragon is the essence of optimization in order to improve the site traffic, so we can also develop to flow from the perspective of the other. And when your traffic is high, for the website optimization effect is better. So we hand in content optimization and the chain optimization at the same time, also need to increase the QQ drainage, drainage and other various WeChat channels such as soft drainage, drainage, drainage and so on community forum. Increase website traffic level. Can even use the purchase way of advertising promotion, increase traffic to the site. The benefits of doing so is to let the love of Shanghai can pay attention to your site, if the site content can attract enough people, then we can get a higher weight in Shanghai search engine, so as to continuously push.

finally from relevant results and search results to determine the difficulty of competition. If the higher competition difficulty, so we can be appropriate for long tail conversion, to import some of the traffic. If the competition, then we need to fully analyze competitors, in order to achieve striking.

but if we love Shanghai SEO Guide "relevant content we will find to seriously study", originally a difficult optimization Shanghai Longfeng is actually not so difficult, just need to grasp the following key points can let oneself become an excellent Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, here is a concrete analysis of what are the key point.

then don’t love Shanghai partial index. Many Shanghai workers love Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very dependent on the index, that is around 100 in value optimization. In fact, just need someone to search on the line, this point for the enterprise website is more important, because many keywords enterprise website in Shanghai love index no value, then these enterprises website there is no keywords can be optimized, which is obviously not right. Only need to select the accurate key words reflecting the characteristics of the enterprises at the same time with industry personnel search habits, is a good keyword.

first, the choice of keywords. Keywords is a site of the soul, but also the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Then we should be how to optimize keywords? It can be from the following three aspects. First of all the keywords to high precision, the precision refers to allowing users to search, because some phrases for users, the search may be very low, so the choice of these words, even if the rankings do the first, it has no meaning, so I choose to let the user can search the keywords.

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