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Two custom structure

fixed link generally has 5 forms: the default p=id? Form date + name form, digital form, there is a custom structure. We can find that most of the WordPress website is a custom form structure finally used, because this form is conducive to search engine optimization. So, how should set the custom structure and

RewriteRule /favicon.ico /favicon.ico [L]

said above are good, then you should choose what kind of good? According to the point of view of the author, select the /%postname%/ structure is better. Why? Choose the former, in fact the search engine put your article as a web directory page, and the choice of the latter is regarded as a HTML document root directory. Then, the sub directory home page and the root directory of the ordinary page which high weight? Should be two level directory of the home page, so I recommend the use of the former, which is like /%postname%/ structure.

fixed link is set up, just click the "update" on it. If the Linux host, WordPress will automatically generate.Htaccess, equivalent to the fixed link so set up; however, windows will host a lot of trouble, the webmaster need to write their own httod.ini, and upload to the root directory. Here is a sample.

is set to /%postname%/ or is set to /%postname%.html. Where%postname% is the custom URL, this will automatically generate the title for the URL link in writing. Of course, Chinese stations generally use plug-ins to translate or edit their own phonetic form. Personal recommendation pinyin form, the main content of the article keywords use pinyin to write, this is more conducive to ranking.

RewriteRule /sitemap.html /sitemap.html [L]

RewriteRule /sitemap.xml /sitemap.xml [L]

WordPress as a mainstream blog system, many webmaster’s favor. In fact, WordPress is also very beneficial to Shanghai dragon, today is that the fixed link setting in WordPress and optimization.

RewriteRule /wap (/wap$1 [L]

?There are mainly two kinds of custom structure: direct .)

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