10 seconds to love Shanghai for quality to enhance the degree of 3 your account


for example. Take the industry say, such as the words you are bidding is "Chinese XX best hospital". The quality of your 2 star, you are competing with Samsung, his search results are the first love in Shanghai, you are second. If you are with him out of the price is 5 yuan. So every time his click price is 5*2/3+0. 01 = 3. 34 yuan, then the third and 2 star quality bid 4. 99 yuan. Your price per click is 4. 99*2/2+0. 01=5 yuan. You can think about is if people or keywords gynecological infertility, male, offer is 30 yuan or 60 yuan, the quality of the factors immediately reflected.

must first know love Shanghai auction price formula

often hear many people complain about the low quality of account. There are a lot of people say the bidding do not try to pursue the quality, in fact I think so. The comprehensive index of first account of the high, the overall quality of your keywords will be high quality is the need to pursue, but don’t sike. Would you Sike tangled, because love Shanghai is deliberately reduce the quality of the competition for the word, so that he will be more profitable, and quality directly affect your ranking, click on price, so technically can do Samsung to pursue bigger.


so you want to get good quality of low ranking. You must spend more money than others to rank. So to understand the rules are very easy to make use of this bidding data you become meaningless. First of all he can raise the price to let you with him.

1, ranked in all promotion of the results of the last one, or is the only promotion results one can show, click on the price is the lowest price to show the keyword

, so I have to understand the importance of quality.

then usually is not the first case, as you can imagine, no bidding keywords which can bring flow, or what is since it is no keyword bidding, its value of existence. Unless you find only a super huge industry or product. But the probability is very low, so the calculation formula of bidding mechanism and price analysis through second cases, we can understand: when the quality degree is high, there may be a lower bid ranking. This formula may many people cannot read expression.

according to the earlier example. 60 yuan bid, first click on the price is 40. 01, you are 60 yuan. If third is Samsung, then you will have to spend more. So every time you click in the burn. But the money shot in front of you one more.

, the other 2 cases, price per click (= a bid x a quality / quality of +0 keywords). 01 yuan.

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