How to layout the chain of words let your soft Wen to detonate your web site traffic


and your title should be the key layout in your.


layout in the article is enough? The answer is no.. Do you have a more important thing, because you have to do a niubable "the title of the party". An article appeared in the forum, how to attract users to click on the title is really important?.


keyword layout into the title and a very important reason, here with you on the next. But before I have to explain, explain to everyone, the search engine is how to determine the user with your search words, then take your article to recommend to the user process. The search engine will be based on a word of your title and content, we refer to as a keyword, the keyword matching with the user search in the search engine search words, this will be the search engine to determine the most important basis. The title is the highest weight occupied. So when your article is included in the search engine, how to better recommend it to your target audience, the title plays a very important role.

released the chain mainly in the form of soft in the text, to attract your target customers to click. So what sets a word to entice them to click on is very important. For example, is still the tourist industry, such as in a Hangzhou to Beijing tourism Raiders, you layout of Hainan tourism strategy, the effect certainly not click on the Beijing tourist guide to good. Is actually very simple, you can look at this article, there is certainly some interest in Beijing tourism, and you suddenly appeared a tour to Hainan, then there will be an irrelevant feeling.


some friends in order to attract users to click on the search term nowadays some popular to add, but there is no correlation with the content of their. In this case, even if the user clicks into your article, they will have a feeling of being cheated, perhaps the bounce rate will reach 100%, will not see your article carefully, don’t talk to click your anchor text, so as to let you achieve drainage for your site.

said last week that, although the search engine after several updates, the chain becomes more and more small, but we as a Shanghai dragon Er, the chain is still a part of us can’t give up. The chain from the main function of the search engine to see now the main purpose of a drainage, is to give users see, then how to layout keywords becomes one of the key things.


so, keyword layout in the article, the most important point is that correlation. Your keywords, commonly known as the anchor text, must be related to the content of your text.

a good title should include the following:

first, is included in the key.

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