How to do web site optimization focus on the promotion of some misunderstanding in

‘s pendulum path planning has many years of experience in Shanghai dragon, the success of capital operation, chain sales, chamber of commerce business, network information and other key words beloved Shanghai home in addition to optimization, website construction, website production, the next step will be to optimize the site taking swing path, mainly related to optimization of the long tail word, will focus on the band network the company related to the optimization of long tail words beloved Shanghai home.


second error is not excessive overdraw himself. Many owners have been asked this question, one day how much hair outside the chain, 1? 10? 100? Of course, the more the better, but everything has a degree, to send outside the chain within the scope of their abilities, website promotion is a gradual process, cycle for example, do a key, if there are a lot of people are doing, and some websites or team doing, even 24 hours a day will not catch up with the others, the same words, some websites appear in front of your search engine rankings, re modify the row in front of the net station because of cheating by K, and their website ranking homeopathy. Do the chain promotion we will face the two and two days of the test, impatient is of no use, the website promotion process is a marathon race, who stick to the end is the big winner, of course, every well behaved stations, as the chain promotion, do not have "shortcut to high office" idea, unless there are special big grasp

how to do website optimization focus on the promotion of some misunderstanding in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a gradual process, such as web content updates, most of the webmaster is update original content filling site, after operating for a period of time the love of spiders in Shanghai began to regularly visit, then begins to increase the chain extension. The chain is the most essential in the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng link, so how to say Shanghai Longfeng optimization? For example, in A5 it issued a message, initially did not cause too much attention, but as long as appear on the home page there will be many webmaster see you this information, this is the promotion of chain is one of the important factors the.

third is misunderstanding of the chain to seize. The chain is good, if the chain is the low quality, so, not only do not have much effect, it will be affected, outside the chain of high quality to meet the needs of this.

!The quality of

of the chain in many ways, if summed up the popular online way to dozens, though there are many, but most Adsense generally use only one or several, if the chain of all are used, this is a bit difficult, after all, most of the owners are fight in isolation of limited time and energy the noodle shop is bigger, more feel inadequate, it has little effect, so in the process of promotion chain in the first myth is, not greed, the chain all the way one does not fall to promote, this is not to say, many owners in the implementation process, will gradually use only one to two or three Chinese and foreign chain promotion. However, if you start to engage in a mess, will let oneself tired, produce pessimism.

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