From the Shanghai dragon inspired throw out the window

4, very good. This should be said that the Shanghai dragon, now how they said on social marketing. In fact, the Shanghai dragon has now become less and less, and marketing combination of Shanghai dragon is.

1, website orientation choice is better, the problem of food safety from the earlier tainted milk to the chromium capsules recently, has been more and more harm to people’s life, so food safety, food and health are very promising search keywords, the volume continues to increase.

today from the Shanghai dragon look at the site.

we can see from the website with the domain name age less than a year before, and the site is not in Shanghai Longfeng doing optimization, site is using the program of WordPress, but his PR up to 4, BR is 3, the daily traffic nearly IP million (the actual number is higher than 10 thousand). What is the reason? We carefully analysis.


love online query about the basic information of the site.

We go to the station to Social marketing with



2, the search engine is designed to provide users with the most consistent with the needs of users of information, that is what we say is the king. We can see from the web site is very focused on food safety issues, and formed a series of original food safety related content, the content should not be search engine to give the weight of very high, and each big website will be reproduced, these directly to the website brings a huge amount of high quality chain. In addition, throw out the window net and a column I should add, gives users the power to speak, and users of these words is the content of the original, this is also very consistent with the characteristics of web2.0.

3, say that the chain for the emperor. The chain of the original intention is to let people click, and increase his site traffic, rather than to search engine spiders. But now most of the chain of friends have the order reversed to do outside the chain, and the chain, so there is a lot of what the chain site to the front row of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of the chain on the web. Now the search engine for the understanding of the chain is more and more clear, before the method will be eliminated and even some punishment. The panda algorithm is introduced before the noble baby for the chain. Our webmaster do after the chain must be content to related website links, as far as possible the chain one click, and you can pass the content to keep the user, these search engines are included in the calculation, all users behavior is carried out in the search engine under surveillance.

the two day fried hot is called a "throw out the window" web site, the site is about food safety report, the master is a graduate of Fudan University, see details A5 news.

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