Gladly flydream 10 in Shanghai Longfeng cheating

1, the

3, domain name bombing, this method is more common, he is mainly through the registration of multiple domain names and links to their main website, if each domain name on the contents of different is just, it is important for each domain content is not the same, it will be regarded as cheating. In the last, leaving more rain is Shanghai dragon also used this way, you can see his website is not a few days will be flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, fell in love with the sea K.

new friends tend to Shanghai Dragon Technology confused, always think in such a short time to put the website ranking make up, looking for some shortcuts. This mood is the process of growing up every Shanghai dragon ER must go through. But this shortcut is not desirable, once the search engine that will be punished (light included page deleted, heavy website was K) search engine for Shanghai dragon Er are a reflection of the environment of fair and fair ranking rules, on site is cheating punishment when tough. Today to share the 10 Shanghai dragon cheating:


5, link farms for external links; some large sites and some Links in exchange for the main purpose of the link farms. The site itself is no substantive content, the site is a search engine called link farms, if the site is authoritative words (such as PR is not greater than 4), no problem, but authoritative websites are generally not in the form of "exchange links" included in the site in fact, this method is also a typical means of cheating.

2, the chain group, now the chain is king of the times, Shanghai dragon ER in order to make your site get more the chain, will have to be crazy to increase the site’s external links are generally released some articles in the garbage to bring their own website links in the blog, there is the article in the comments section of the website keywords plus website links. The search for this kind of cheating is more skilled, I think now most of Shanghai dragon ER are used in this way to do

keyword, the emergence of a large number of keywords in the page; this method is adopted to increase keyword density has certain relevance of keywords, so as to obtain the rank of the website. Now the search engine on this judgment has been very sensitive, once discovered will be K station.


4 hidden text and links; take place many means hidden text and links on the web page, so that you can achieve the user can not see the effect, but don’t forget the search engines can see Oh! Are doing here is not introduced, we should pay attention to. Text and links different from Cloaking- keywords camouflage and superposition, but also may be the search engine K.

6, add unrelated website content; this is when we do the optimization often do the trick! Compared with some.

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