A5 submission guidelines realize the soft skills

, it is because of these high quality original article, only the A5 webmaster such a good communication platform; also because the A5 webmaster network guide, a group of the industry will grow. For the love of the status of Shanghai, to live, we may have a lot of dissatisfaction. But as long as we unite together, learn together, with no more than kan. Www.targuo.net, the clothing to join, cobalt men, Admin5 > first

optimization industry good soft release platform is the most famous three: A5, Chinaz, stationmaster net Shanghai dragon why. You can imagine, an article can bring dozens of stationmaster net pure original high quality of the chain resources brought to you, how exciting! However, it is not so easy to. Often can see: will continue to work hard; a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the readability is not high rejection "declaration". Here, thanks to the A5 webmaster network that dedication, the dedication for reviewers, guidelines for parsing A5, teach you some basic skills of soft release.


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believes that the original dry cargo is everyone don’t have the heart to refuse the delicacy; new ideas. Most people can move the heart; authoritative view is many references. Think again, when the teacher how to teach you to write the article, first want to take the title and general content, then leading Pteris, finally.. Of course, the publishing time to consider the staff’s habits, this comparison is a love of the society.

is a contemporary writing as everyone knows, a young Shanghai Longfeng essential occupation ability. How to write the article? Whether it is soft, or the chain, or their own website news updates, all need to pay attention to: the title is reasonable and novel, the traditional title of the party; when the original illustrations, and suitable for the majority of users; structural integrity, have some editing skills. The optimization part can certainly have, but not too obvious.


actually, just A5 webmaster webmaster, Shanghai dragon optimization, marketing, network marketing, electricity supplier of this kind of professional soft Wen release platform. There are many websites to release the soft. In other words, you are a decoration enterprise network have countless stationmaster net to the chain, what is probably not good. However, from the A5 station network we can know that the most authoritative industry website, can publish articles awaiting approval by registered members. A small part of the need to spend money to buy VIP membership.

algorithm change rapidly love Shanghai released the chain of high quality, become a historical problem. Soft text advertising? From the advertising copywriter personnel responsible for writing to. At this time, the role of the soft is highlighted. Use Adsense words, soft, soft Wen promotion, soft release, soft writing, soft Wen title, has become the hottest keywords.

how to write news? Shanghai dragon

3, how to pass the audit of

1, how to release

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