Factors causing the site to drop the right in the end what

In fact, sixth

fifth, this is definitely the most easy to make a mistake, the hair of the chain. Exactly how to send the chain? What the chain will be down right? The chain to high quality, do not copy and paste, so the chain stay more content will be right down. Standing outside the chain, will be right down. Link, will be right down. The mass of the chain, will be right down. Blog, forum messages too much, be mistaken for love sea group, will be right down. A single chain to the home page, will be right down. In short, outside the chain of hair can not, although beneficial to ranking, but accidentally, also will be right down. Of course, there is a solution, to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform rejected some of the chain, then the high quality of the chain increased.

First, change the

fourth, the most abominable, the site was linked to horse, hang black chain. Although the master is unlikely to work, but also check the website of small, small, there is no better cure.

seventh, website content acquisition and the quality is low, will be right down. So, in fact, is the title of the article can be collected, changed all of a sudden, don’t pick too much, gradually increase >

second, a very simple, Links check. This is not to say, one by one, has been down the right site removed well, although too may lead to their site is down right, but, just in case.

keyword, keyword density is the best% 4~ five percent so, if the site is down right, to see whether the excessive optimization, minus the keywords.

site drop right, I admit, this attack is very large. But don’t always find problems, solve. What factors lead to right down in the end what? Oh, it scared you on the day, for the maintenance of the website at the same time, not careful, may also lead to drop right. We hung out for so long to appetite.

third, modify title, keywords, description. Well, modify title is taboo, if you really want to change, then to dozens of articles submitted to the soft. I was down the right, then the text, but also to recover the fastest.

said the right down, for new Adsense is commonplace, do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rankings. The lower right should have a sense of time, not just rankings fall off a flow, a little less, is really right down, really right down is also very easy to judge, for example: your ranking in the top twenty, one day down to 100 after the fluctuation of wife, wait eight or nine days, if is still not recovered, you can be sure it is right to be reduced. Since established, it should be time to solve the problem.

content, whether there has been in love with the sea? The article or other things, one day you see is not very pleasing to the eye, to the right a bit, and then you start, then also love Shanghai began to move. Yes, if the website content is love Shanghai included, not free to change, to change is a bit change. True story.

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