Enterprise marketing strategy transformation

, a brand publicity

three, Taobao

brand advantage in the competition is gradually accepted by the public, but it is not a short duration of time can be completed. A lot of brand image such as advertising, for the enterprise website, the enterprise is able to focus out of the promotion, not only fast, but also has good effect. Small and medium-sized enterprises with products if there is no technical advantage in the competition, it is difficult to stand with. The brand is helpful to effective marketing, give users leave a good impression. It is ingrained in the public psychology, can not shake. Because of this, virtually increase the user experience, with the natural flow of orders will not be less.

the above is the Hefei Yacht Club (贵族宝贝0551moko贵族宝贝) have some views > network marketing strategy after the transformation of the enterprise website


customers to promote the use of the Internet to help Taobao said the definition is the promotion of goods seller, enterprises stop just not Taobao, but the essence is the same, is to give the site to bring order, increase conversion rate. Person’s strength is small, by the public is the kingly way. Micro-blog, WeChat and other SNS platform, the natural way of promotion is open. Business class enterprise station using Taobao to do guest promotion is the most appropriate, brought by the Amoy promotion link orders only need to pay some commission to Amoy can. Information publishing enterprises can use soft Wen to promote high quality soft Wen, webmaster know the flow is considerable, according to count the number of soft Commission is convenient.


enterprise station from traditional marketing to network marketing, carry out the transition process. The use of the Internet means to achieve the purpose of marketing products. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is just part of the marketing, the nature of the site is not the same, the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon is not the same. Frequent updates love Shanghai algorithm, hit buy junk the chain to suppress low quality pomegranate page from green to green algorithm, algorithm 2 today, against promotion of soft paper, search engine optimization becomes more difficult. The webmaster can’t have done before the Shanghai dragon approach to today’s enterprise station. How to break the bottleneck of optimization, how to make the enterprise stand more orders, the author to talk about their own views.

promotion strategy

said here is not to say that the promotional price war, this type of marketing is not recommended to advocate. Su Jing war, each carry out the price strategy, to the end who didn’t get benefits, both. The sales price is only temporary, want a long-term steady status is very difficult. Promotional gifts are very common, businesses will regardless of the cost or budget can accept gifts gifts, can stimulate the enthusiasm of users, improve user retention rate. Another free email is a good way of promotion, will be in the product with the postage to count separately although theoretically is a reason, the seller mentality, feel is not the same. To set the sales price according to the user’s schedule, can increase the conversion rate.


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