How the site of Shanghai dragon Gold free sharing of Shanghai dragon optimization tutorial

in gold (贵族宝贝goldke贵族宝贝), 86% of users will focus on using search engines to find the information, so the PPC is equivalent to gold advertising, but the ranking position is limited, but the price is high, once the stop payment is not guaranteed, so with the help of Shanghai dragon to improve web site keywords ranking is the only way! Shanghai dragon is not a simple "content is king, the chain for emperor" could do. Shanghai dragon is broad and profound, but more important is, Shanghai dragon is constantly innovation as search engines need to adhere to! Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, Shanghai dragon want success takes time to accumulate, Shanghai dragon is not so simple. But the novice webmaster through the study of Shanghai Dragon technology, still can become the Shanghai dragon Master.


review: in twenty-first Century, you can experience a variety of passive virtual network technology, but also to actively participate in the Internet era tide, become an inevitable choice of a webmaster is many a person with breadth of vision! However, the construction site is not so easy at first light, you will encounter a problem, that is the search engine optimization Shanghai, referred to as the dragon! Master and master the Shanghai dragon, you just may have many websites in talent shows itself in the platform of


Abstract: by the end of 2015, according to authoritative statistics showed that the number of domestic China website has reached 423 million, the growth rate of 26.8%, the most ever! Especially in the past two to eleven during the carnival, the Tmall Taobao deal amount again to refresh the record of 120 billion 700 million yuan more. It is unable to look into the mobile Internet era! So be in full swing under the competitive market trend of large and small sites is bound to exacerbate the

! "As long as you

how to make their own website platform from the search results of many talent shows itself in? Spend a lot of money to PPC, in order to attract users precise flow, this is a common practice, but the cost is more expensive, so that hundreds of thousands of yuan investment. So, for many individual owners, there is no way a low cost and remarkable effect? The answer is there, it is the Shanghai dragon


called the Shanghai dragon is optimized by adjusting the implementation of site structure, content and code of the internal, external attention to a series of initiatives outside the station promotion, website brand building, which makes its own website with the search engine standard, get higher ranking in the keyword ranking. As a result, the needs of customers at a glance in the search, click to enter your site after the formation of a free drainage mode, and thus promote the website marketing or promotion and other follow-up activities.

spend a few hours will be able to understand Shanghai Longfeng, but you want to spend a few years in Shanghai Longfeng time, because Shanghai has been dragon innovation."

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