Do you want to see the soft writing others look


"found" very good understanding, is not people when we write to.


2 Arabia, reasonable use of digital bold

1 write out good writing points, detailed writing paragraphs

soft writing has always been the essential skills of webmaster, because compared to buy publicity channels, do for promotion, write text not only obvious and stable effect, more important is to save money, so many new Adsense promotion methods such as Italy for web marketing. Then you will see, A5 or that such as "soft, quick" articles often appear. Of course, those articles are of high quality, that is also very clear, to improve the novice writing ability is very helpful for some of the basic skills and knowledge I don’t want to say today, just want to say some crooked ways "".

3 at the beginning of each paragraph to a summary of the general language, this paragraph

" is nothing more than to tell you in brief at the same time, we must distinguish between the key. Because less of an article will have 800 words, just edit friends every day will review the number of articles, every day so much workload will certainly cause to our editor could not consider the words, so the essence of the content presented to the editor, not only saves their time, also make the article "" a lot of skill.

PS: how to make the article become "Essentials":

is the integration of "simple", no nonsense, something said, does not involve not related to the theme and content. Such as advertising, such as ridicule.

editor is our teacher, this is good, can not pass, largely depends on the attitude of editing friends. So, we must think about how to edit the article to leave a good impression, to win more points this? The author also made some articles in A5, when I don’t love also summarized, feel to chapter "please" editor, will be simple, useful, reasonable, concise.

The essentials of "

the first to see the editors "wink"

soft writing sometimes is like our college entrance essay, can not obtain the reasonable expression of high scores, which also match up, according to the "high template composition" as to create in order to obtain the desired effect, but if you look closely, you will find these good soft, the secret of success is that they are watching the author "other people’s eyes" creation.

"good" suggests that we write not only to express their meaning, more important is to let readers understand our ideas, because this is a mutual communication, and not the author of one stage, so less use of professional vocabulary, spoken languages, the only way we will have their own practical value.

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