A simple analysis of changes to three times the conversion from Shanghai Dragon

175 target completion, this is how much is the amount of change? I know what you want, look at the traffic situation in the site, and the original conversion rate compared to the whole increased by three times, the conversion rate is as high as 5.1%.


for Shanghai dragon optimization, users almost always result oriented, of course, this is the thing that you pay It’s only human., and who would not effect? "Content is king" and then awarded its king sovereignty, a case study here to share with everyone, a simple change brought three times sales. Conversion to Shanghai dragon.

in order to change the current form, we optimize the team back on the site page revision:

a "contact us" page is absolutely necessary, because it contains detailed company information (time, email address, etc.), but the information it provided is very simple, as shown in the figure, many users are obsessed with such rapid way to the related web pages, click the convert at the same time with lightning to achieve the ultimate goal, you can always listen to customer contact information, mail, telephone, but the business time shorter than before.


March 2010 link building

Enter the

fast forward to March 2012, let us look at the completion of the input box on every page of the target.

from the above information in the chart, we can find that there are 3200 unique visitors monthly site, the future we will eventually follow the clues, high target in "contact us" page, the site has 3807 straight monthly visitors, finally only 56 target completion, therefore can only achieve 1.7% conversion, many websites in this situation, the surface and destroy what is clear error of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, after detailed diagnosis after Shanghai dragon, you will find a "contact us" page often did not make the most suitable landing page, although it is important to know the webmaster.

Figure The ultimate goal of the completion of

seems simple, right? It is such a simple way to add another potential buyer contact point. Let’s take a look at how it affects our case study.


short form table when fill in

another noteworthy interesting information is that every visit to the page from 7.70 down to 4.92, but the page out rate is almost the same, we can infer that the website design more user-friendly, more page design allows users to quickly and efficiently find the information they want, so from a higher rate of return on investment >

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