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marketing is telling stories,

Whether there is no

such as Tom A, began with his experience to share some wonderful things, the number of users of the product is increasing at an unbelievable speed, it is now completely unexpected.

I believe the core of marketing is telling stories. Every member of the group has a wonderful story. As a start-up, you receive countless feedback every day, and finally define it succinctly. That’s what I want to say: Paul, ·, Graham’s law,

that Buffer facesThe new

how do you get people to support you? How do you get tech bulls to support you? How about your new user experience designer?

now, we further generalize the full discussion on propaganda work together, however, the most important is that almost all of them speak freely, directly about their own views, and this is often very natural, from the bottom of my heart.

hook Wangzhuan site will also accompany and click mail items, you can make a free choice, love do do click click, want to do the mail do mail, can all do together, these have no special requirements. Of course, surfing and email scores are the highest. Clicking on the class is a bit less, so you can choose when you’re doing a project.

at the beginning of Buffer, our team had a very clear division of labor, and Joel was responsible for developing and improving the work. I am responsible for promotion, increase the number of users.

onhook Wangzhuan is the biggest benefit is not limited by time and the score is relatively high, it is impossible for PTC, often online users choose to hang is the most suitable. Generally speaking, hang kind of project is to support multi-level offline, there are 5 levels of support, there is support for 10, the Commission is relatively small, ranging from 1% to 20%, while the PTC commission can be as high as 100%.

general, hang Wangzhuan is better in the higher, the credibility is relatively good, it is worth the long-term operation, the risk is relatively low.

At the beginning of the

, the work went well. Later, slowly, something seemed to change. The original division of labor, now seems like everyone is doing the same thing. Only one brain is thinking, developing, and operating. But that’s not how startups work. There’s no department. In the words of Steve Blank, that is:


from an economic point of view, you can think of entrepreneurship as compressing your life’s work into a few years,

when we had these changes, we soon realized. Joel’s work on publicity has been very successful, and some places are even stronger than I am. So we began to brainstorm about propaganda, not as I did before.

original text from: 99earn.net/zhishi/zhishi0347.html

. At the same time, my co-founder, Tom, began writing about the technical challenges and open source log

need to download some hook Wangzhuan tools without some surfing, like Crunchingbaseteam, is not to download the tools of the European surfing site, is the latest hook of the site, directly open the page login account can be automatically surfing, very convenient, suitable for newcomers. Now the main hook is to point to calculate your income, for example Crunchingbaseteam this month at the beginning of the station site will earn points automatically converted into euros, please pay within 24 hours! At present about 10 thousand =0.2-0.6 ohm. The value of the points is variable, and fluctuates according to the operation of the website every month.

a startup is not a shrinking version of a big business

With the experience of building Buffer, Joel has become a very prolific writer of

toolbar surfing Wangzhuan, surfing to a period of time need to point connection surfing began, most often in the surf 1 hours surfing the window will automatically stop surfing, then need to re open the connection to continue surfing surfing! And from time to time to input some verification code to get more points of the surf in the process of the project, generally will not affect you do other things, while surfing while doing other things, directly to the surfing toolbar in the background can be minimized, over a period of time to see the.


all you have to do is publish these stories, let people read, listen, see, and imagine all your partners share their stories, ~

Leo is co-founder of the emerging sharing application Buffer, in this article, he introduced the team in marketing products a truth: everyone is a product of the promoter.

onhook Wangzhuan, is usually said surfing Wangzhuan, are actually the same meaning. Unlike the PTC hook Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, it has no time limit, relatively flexible, most European countries are founded, good reputation, and the stability is much better than PTC, the short term is not easy to fail.

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