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Mark · Pincus: after Tribe, I think a lot of things have surfaced. At that time, people began to use social networks to contact friends. I think, as long as the appropriate packaging, half of the social networking users will be willing to play the game. This is a great opportunity, there is great development space. Most of the time, you find opportunities far more than you can imagine, there are many incredible moments. I think the 2007 game industry 1997 is like the search engine market, very promising. At that time, the traditional game industry has to be a stranger. There are some strong competitors on the market. The social game is not popular. So, we started to attempt to win a market, the market for a variety of reasons to play social games is not.

in November 2015, B station and Shanghai still world pictures, Shanghai wide entertainment digital technology announced a joint investment of 10 million yuan to set up "beep miles" pictures, in which Shang pictures invested 4 million 500 thousand yuan, holding 45%. According to publicly available data, beep pictures didn’t have any revenue in 2015, and the company lost more than $6000 last year.

according to a stake in the Shanghai United Assets and equity exchange website transfer announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Oriental Pearl is still the world pictures will transfer BiliBili pictures of 45% of the equity transfer price of 2 million yuan.

The most important thing about In order to achieve the realization of

Beijing on July 31st news, according to foreign media reports, Mark · Kors Mark Pincus; flat as the founder of Zynga is well known, in fact Mark before Zynga · Kors Ping began to get involved in the social network, to create a social network Tribe.net. Later, more is the casual games Zynga has developed into a $one billion a year for the industry. The following is an interview with him to accept Wired Business, about how to maintain competitiveness in the mobile gaming industry is not stable, when the interview, Zynga has not announced second quarter earnings net loss of $22 million 800 thousand, the stock has not fallen. Mark in the interview, · Pincus predicted that the short term, Wall Street questioned him personally, but he wanted to build a company from long-term consideration.


B station in the past, making all kinds of exploration, including new contract, theme tourism, line concert, animation, games, business around selling and advertising etc.. Now, in these 7788 businesses, the best thing B does is advertising and games. Especially B station agent last year, "FGO" has become a considerable popularity of the two dimension hand travel, its global downloads have exceeded 9 million.

Zynga is a social model of how the evolution of the

and Shang pictures is also a bit distant from the core users of B station. The film has produced films such as "1942", "Longmen flying armour", "night Peacock" and so on. The combination of the two different companies seems difficult to produce any chemical reaction.

in fact, over the past year or so, beep pictures has hardly done anything.

five years ago you at the beginning of the establishment of the company, is thought to be the result today

is that they don’t have the ability to make movies, which makes them less involved in the entire process. Although many people expected that the company could introduce some small two dimensional works, it didn’t seem to be going well, and none of the other viewing activities would bring in any profits.

B, a film and television company set up at the end of 2015, will soon be sold by shareholders.

virtual goods and free to play model has been successful in asia. But we believe that this model may not be suitable for the western market.

in addition, the company has also invested in documentary "my the Imperial Palace heritage" and the animated film "Elven throne". But these two works at the box office performance is not good, in which "the Elven throne" box office is 25 million 20 thousand yuan, "I repair the cultural relic in the Imperial Palace", the box office is only 6 million 450 thousand yuan.


Mark · Pincus: from the beginning, I think this venture is full of opportunity, may be able to achieve internationalization level. At that time, the network game market structure has not been finalized. People don’t think this will become the mainstream. The game industry needs a large number of investment and fund.

is the key point in the game industry demand higher. If the industry does not need so much investment, lower barriers, then everyone will consider entering the industry to play a. As the newspaper comic strip. When you see a newspaper comic strip, you will be happy to see, browsing, or even playing word games. But most of us are not going to buy a comic book, or fill in the book.


sold a company with a B tag at a price of 2 million, and it sure looked a bit like ">."

in January 2016, BiliBili pictures was the movie "detective Sherlock special: the damned bride" organized a "two dimensional" barrage special viewing activities, there are fans of the cosplay event. At that time, the B station said that the original intention of the company was to make a favorite movie for its own users, and to focus on the fun and culture of the next generation of users.

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