Mobile reading nternet writers’ second springWay cattle CEO Yu Dunde will focus on leisure travel

look, sh419, Sina, Tencent, and other companies who are not perfect in eager for a fight, you come to me to the glint and flash of cold steel, to get a large cup of soup. This posture, dig the author, pry table, and improve the income into the brand packaging, the importance of writers self-evident.

unit of temporary power, all colleagues quickly took out his mobile phone, staring at the screen touch operation started. There’s no doubt that games, reading and socializing are the three most popular applications, and the only exception is that a sister is doing pure spiritual communication with her boyfriend.

mobile reading market in the end how much? Out of a sense of professionalism, I turned the next floor of their own, reading class has more than 27000 App, accounting for nearly 55% of the total, even more than the hottest mobile games. This is part of the App that is being made profitable by mobile advertising. I talk about the relevant person in charge of a Android market, and found that their home reading class App also many, probably accounted for about 40%.

and the way cattle and Ctrip cooperation, it is based on the difference between the two complementary. In the service crowd, the way cattle mainly serve leisure travel customers, and Ctrip services to business customers; travel range, the current route cattle outbound crowd more, accounting for more than 70%. Ctrip is more domestic users; on the type of service, the way cattle have become the first line with the group tour, >

After the


way cattle listed on the NASDAQ today, the final issue price is $9, IPO market value of about $430 million. CEO, the way cattle, said it was in line with the initial expectations.

back, first intimate contact Cai three carriages, then Li Xunhuan, Ning Caishen and Xing Yusen brought the network literature climax, attracted a large number of literary youth flocking. At that time did not pay, rampant piracy, serious plagiarism, the annual literary website love to make the original literary contest, the Writers Publishing fudge famous, but eventually forced a group of good times don’t last long, just make a transition writer editor and publisher, or save self published, buy their own sales 5000 copies have minimum published. Zhao Benshan Spring Festival evening sketch aunt at their own expense book, relatives and friends took the pad toilet, basically this state. Qiqicancan.

looked again, IPO stumbled in the grand literature on starting point the founding team storm, network writer ten years Snow worked to death after the event, a single large network literature foundation looks shaky, Goldman still introduce Temasek $110 million, although this is Goldman as before the failure of IPO redemption you take advantage of the disease valuation is low ah, but can not be ignored is the rapid development of mobile terminal for capital to see huge potential space.

Alibaba announced IPO, some of the smaller Internet Co queuing pressure, some companies reduce financing. Yu Dunde did not comment on this, he said, there may be ups and downs in the short term, but long-term industry environment or capital environment is favorable.

is a low threshold for easy maintenance and low cost of piracy??? Don’t stop, grabbed a small whip out, we look at the advantages: more conducive to mobile payment, using fragments of time convenient, can realize the seamless transformation of each terminal…… A list of a basket. In addition it is due to the beginning of the industry problems, the market is not settled, this is the giants and Internet writer who recount the opportunity.

Yu Dunde said, the way cattle Network will continue to focus on online leisure travel in the business model, will not expand on products, categories and so on, will further increase barriers in brand and product. Next, tuniu network’s goal is to further expand the scale.

Yu Dunde said that after the IPO, will increase investment in four areas: first, to further increase the investment in the mobile terminal. Last year, the way cattle Network began to increase investment in wireless products, this part of the rapid growth of orders, in April this year, has reached 30%. At present, the way cattle Network launched a new feature – sale, the leisure tourism products retail Weihuo push by APP; second, to further expand the departure and service center. Plans to tour the city starting from the current 64, in the next two or three years to more cities. At present, 15 service centers, the next will expand to 30; third, and strengthen the offline and online service and VIP service system; fourth, the next will also consider investing in mergers and acquisitions, but there is no clear solution.

the end of last month, tuniu network announced that Ctrip, the Qihoo 360 will respectively $15 million and $5 million stake in the way cattle. Yu Dunde’s interpretation of the tactics of this kind of rival is that the entire online travel industry has gone through a previous price war and found virtually no one to benefit from it. Therefore, now we are more concerned about mutual cooperation and healthy competition. As the whole market space is still large enough, it can accommodate so many companies. And the way cattle also stand in a better industry trends, that is, the entire online travel market is still growing expansion among; offline tourism is being transferred to the line. And from the way cattle themselves, has also established a certain barriers to competition, mainly reflected in the current way cattle per unit average price of 5000 yuan, which is currently the whole leisure tourism industry, the highest unit price. Moreover, the way cattle have been built can adapt to high customer price services. As a result, with the increasing cost of online travel, the way cattle will further benefit.

back to the present. Genuine maintenance, publishing system relies heavily on mature payment systems, users buy into a habit, a huge opportunity hidden mobile terminal…… As a result, the benefit must be boiled over the network writers. More users, more tickets, worship the girl more, how to stay alone is worth it. But the code price is high, life is more valuable, in mobile reading >

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