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awards ceremony, Haier U+ Intelligent Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Mr. Wang Zheng, Shanghai foreign technology exchange center deputy director Mr. Zhao Huilin, Zhongguancun Venture Street management company global incubator market department, Mr. Luan day hard egg technology CMO Liu Hong Jiao Ms. common message competition hit off, I hope we can hold together the opportunity belongs to the capital, platform, entrepreneurs, emerge in the historical turning point, networking and intelligent industry Home Furnishing nirvana, a partner of U+ and partner, hand in hand to create a better life wisdom. Several large coffee field joint commitment to help solve a customer in the smart Home Furnishing product development in technology, capital, experience, management and other problems, from the subject, industrial design, manufacturing and sales of "one-stop" incubation services, let the dream of "encirclement", to achieve a win-win situation create business enterprise, U+ ecosystem, incubation platform, investors.

Mr. Ding Yichuan, founder of Shanghai


then, and later began to do telephone registration, this part is the beginning of my tragic history. In this part of the time, it is important to understand the reality of social competition Wangzhuan not less than the competition, in other words, is that you do not do, others do. Call registration than money to register "," registration is usually three yuan, intermediary website buckle 2 hair, is you can earn 8 hair in a few minutes, more and more people are strong points can be earned, find a few more similar tasks can call consultation is a call for more than 2 yuan, I did more is a 5 yuan, 4 20 yuan, this is the beginning I cheated, because it is known on this site before customers gave him 2 times, after passing a payment, he let me do it behind four, when the contact to Wangzhuan, also did not have what scheming, so do, let me start continuous phone for a week, in order to earn 20 yuan, I diligently, a murmur to nothing, but after a week, customers have no connection to it, only he number, After a week or so, I couldn’t get in touch with him. I was so angry that I left a message in his and scolded him, so I deleted him. This is the first time I cheated me.

Knox Health Technology Co. Ltd. as the winner representative >

Haier U+ create a customer contest innovative dream bloom

has an experience of being cheated, the higher confidence is more and more small, but eventually support down, after have been registered to do these tasks, each month to earn 50 yuan fee will feel very happy, a little money left.

speaking of Wangzhuan, I do not know if people like me, it really is a step up, first do Wangzhuan, involved in the first class website is registered, but also in some Wangzhuan do online part-time, but, registered on the line, but slowly is not registered, also ask you to fill out the mobile phone number to get the verification code, later on, even to the bank card number the beginning of your personal information to pay attention to the protection of children should pay attention to, if you put the registration information up, is not someone to give you a call or send SMS or email, more than a year until now, I also affected by these information problems.

the contest started since July, which lasted 5 months, toured Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai City, through the sea pole network for passenger There was no parallel in history. reached 11117 people, 221 submissions, staged a scene of wisdom and dreams of the fierce collision. The preliminary selected 100 projects, of which 20 projects successfully qualify for the finals. After another competition, and ultimately enjoy the sleep intelligent pillow won the championship award, KOSIIM, intelligent skin care and other 3 projects, Sheng Tai Bao three-dimensional air purifier and other 10 projects, respectively, won the runner up and second runner up. In the future, they will become a member of the Haier U+ platform ecosystem, with Haier U+ to share the prosperity of the Internet of things.

said, back off to do a higher, more than a year, in this process, it is bittersweet, sad is cheated, joy is you can make money, especially for our students, if can be in the school dormitory can make money, but not to go to the street in winter hot summer and cold in the end plate, distribute leaflets, it really is a very happy thing.

U+ hit off the contest is the Haier U+ industry alliance "in response to public entrepreneurship, innovation" management of national policy to start creating customized training action. By exploring the outstanding record passenger, creative projects, launched a one-stop solution to the hatch, the core demands create customer groups in the capital, technology, experience, contacts and channels of business on the road and the common pain points, to help customers create a dream come true. At the same time, also helped venture capital funds and incubators platform to achieve accurate docking of outstanding projects, to the smart home industry booming injection of fresh blood.

until then came into contact with the writing line. The writing of this line, see the category, just contact to this line, I do is soft writing, is similar to the post of the text, an article about 800 words in length, this requirement is very simple, that is the customer need to publicize the products written in the article, it is best to customer sites keep in your writing, in addition, in order to ensure the soft Wen to each big forum is not more than



November 24, 2016, Beijing Shangri-la Hotel Wuhan, Haier U+ in the second quarter hit off the contest awards ceremony, Haier U+ industry association leaders, experts, the public record industry leaders, venture capital institutions, incubators, guests and media representatives who once again gathered to witness the grand occasion Newell U+, Haier U+ hit off the dream bloom the second season contest finals and awards ceremony".

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