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Ali resume: Ali number joined Alibaba at the end of 461999. Led the development of the Alibaba has been one of the most important products "integrity"". Ali left in 2004 to create a reputation network, in 2006 the word of mouth network was Ali acquisition, returned to Ali, until 2010.


for the first time to let you know the domestic

Li Zhiguo: word of mouth network, dig money

36.42% of Ali alumni start-ups complete Pre-A, A rounds and A+ financing, a total of 148;

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Internet banking

business status: in 2004, leaving the founder of the local life search website reputation network, Ali 2006 injection of word of mouth network, and in two years after its wholly-owned acquisitions, Li Zhiguo also joined with word-of-mouth network back to ali. In July 2008, word of mouth was incorporated into Ali’s YAHOO china. In the same year, Li was transferred to the Ali cloud management data platform and service operations.

in September 2010, Li Zhiguo left the Alibaba second times and became an angel investor. The investment of digging money, fast taxi, mogujie, Olympic Games, small petals, seedling data such as multiple startups, and also during >

Ali released in the report shows that Ali entrepreneurial venture to help the project has 324 companies are still in normal operation, of which there are clear financing amount of start-up projects have 211. Covers e-commerce, business services, consumer electronics, hardware and other more than 10 areas, including electronic commerce, business services, consumer in the field of the most concentrated, accounted for 18.83%, 16.05%, 13.89%.

Abstract: a lot of Ali out of the entrepreneur or around Ali products business, such as mogujie, Taobao is the beginning of attached flow shopping guide platform, the old owner Ali at the first hint of trouble began to tighten the entrance, forcing mogujie to find another way, the transition to a vertical business platform, the way the old club is finished too No.

, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, respectively, 143, 67, 53, 21 Ali alumni start-ups.

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below will be representative of the field of entrepreneurs in the field of inventory.

, more than half of the start-up projects received more than Pre-A financing.

16.65%’s Ali alumni start-up enterprises completed the B round and above financing, a total of 54.

46.91%’s Ali alumni start-up company completed the seed wheel and angel round financing, totaling 152;

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