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said that now many novice, said no project, all day to find projects to do, but is it really? It’s not, actually, I now just be able to find you a good project, it can make a tobacco money is a normal day, but would you like to do? If you want, then you are wrong, because most people are not willing to do, but also do not feel, well, since you do not believe, I will talk about this small project.

was my execution is very bad, but no way, want to make money, no executive power is not enough, I will go to suppress their mandatory execution, first we need to understand the execution is not equal to toil, do not say anything else, just say your blog, to tell the truth, I will not write a half a year diary, not to mention the blog, why this blog is to know more friends, the blog has 1 months, although the blog frequently accessed through 200IP almost all from the favorites with direct input, but I never mixed this blog a little advertising, in order to write this blog. I keep a diary in the space in the blog before the is certainly not now used, although write all the things in life, but in order to exercise their execution, from the first day of the barely write Go to the end of the hand written, the middle process only you can experience it, now I update my blog every day has become a habit, no matter how busy I am, if something happens to me I will write in advance, we will ask: "tired?" is not tired, things are good habits and as long as you can take one thing to 31 days, I think you will form a habit.

professional job? 92, that we should first is a two-way choice, in this country before the package is distributed, is that you can’t find a job.

execution: group how many users don’t say much, now the group is more than N, and the software group is still there now, now the Tencent is 1 days can only add 20 to the group? , then a white is 2 cents of course, can buy their own, then batch group and do not say anything else, just say it group except group A, > Wangzhuan

technology news April 18th noon news, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong speech at his alma mater Renmin University of China, recalled his experience studying at the National People’s Congress: with only 500 yuan to enter the University, by copying envelopes, selling books and write a program to earn tuition, and he is doing a pioneering Restaurant, including education is to give him the greatest in Japanese companies, there is no good in nature this evil, there is no management of an enterprise must not result.

Sina Much of the relationship with the

plus group project with software use

at that time, the 22 departments in Jiangsu province to recruit people, which is an official, the Department of social sciences is an official, it was reported. Our teacher admitted after a school teaching and research group leader met, that you know what is sociology? I said no research society? Yeah officer, he said, is to investigate the village, how much do you go to survey in a village in the proportion of men and women, average height, average life much, etc..

below is the Liu Qiangdong National People’s congress speech part of the record:

we go to school at that time with what I carry, mosquito nets, quilt, mattress, and also back up the basin, wash basin over the back of his own, and then back a mug, is from Suqian back to school, when I consider the NPC report, was originally I want to, because I very good physical chemistry, in junior high school, the two disciplines have been the best, I also love the most. In fact, I always wanted to go to a department of physics and chemistry, before school our teacher, but also particularly like his students, will be able to go to the above scientific officer, he said corrupt officialdom inside a bit too much, he felt that his students are good, after graduation to do a good officer so, under the teacher’s appeal at our National People’s congress.

I was heart honestly a little low, then we went to the National People’s Congress, came to our hostel we Shige chat with us in the evening, the students of our department chairman and the Secretary of reception, after completion of our hostel reception began with a long we say, we must be in the next four years. Learn a second major, why do I say? He said that if only sociology, Haozhaogongzuo future too.

is with you before this communication, is with US schools have communicated, about the range of relatively large, so I still hope to be able to speak a little more down to earth, from the aspects of learning and entrepreneurship we share with you. I was in 1992, and if I remember correctly, it was as if we arrived at school around September 7th. At that time, it took 14 hours by train from Xuzhou to Beijing. Today it’s only two hours and 40 minutes. At that time, we can say that most of our students, 70% of them are poor children, very, very poor.

life and entrepreneurship experience

Liu Erchuang is a novice, beginner is at least 3.4 months of this year, contact the Wangzhuan, how much money, I did not ask how much, can the Chinese New Year is enough, I was a rookie, I have nothing to talk about projects like the qualification of novice, but people have to understand, not a lack of execution but novice with the idea. In this network, or loan funds under the premise not to do anything else, or the executive power with the idea, otherwise it is difficult to eat on the network open, self, or loan to do better, we can see what I wrote this article in admin5/article/20101115/ 289561.shtml. This article is mainly addressed to those just contact Wangzhuan novice with long-term on the network to make money friends, of course, can see the master, pointing the way.

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