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didn’t think much of it at first. Basically, it was done according to the Taobao model. It was more complicated and more popular. It was some kind of website like trend shopping and so on. At that time, because I think that college students are spending power, but also the pursuit of fashion, fashion, and the network is relatively trust and understanding, so the space is very large, and the shopping group is huge, so we chose to do campus shopping. I didn’t do, is to use the open source system. Registering, just put some functions to delete useless and hide away site so bumps on the line, and then select

Voytek, says Uber’s algorithm has been improving:

Uber will predict where there are a large number of customers who need a taxi at different times – the company will send the forecast information to the driver’s mobile phone application. Then the driver knows where to do business. This practice increases the income of taxi drivers. Mohamed Mandour, a California driver, told New York Times that in the past 9 years, driving for 10 hours earned up to $300 at most. When he joined Uber, he could earn $700 a day, an increase of $400.


actually I do this site is also a chance, now in retrospect think it is very lucky, let my spare time can have their own small business, but also get some income, very pleased, again to share with you:

we’ve been improving. Uber has memory. That doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, the taxi industry can only act on a little bit of information, so it is very slow to change. And Uber’s memory allows us to make smarter decisions and adjustments when we have to. What we learn is effective and what is useless. We learn where passengers come from, and how the behavior patterns change depending on the days, seasons, weather, activities, baseball games, etc..

uses Uber’s mobile app to summon taxis, just as it used to call private cars. The application uses red pins to mark where you are, and a blue circle with a spike as the center, which helps the user find nearby taxis. Determine which taxi to call, the driver will drive to the user’s seat, after the two sides confirmed, you can move to the destination. As for the cost, Uber will combine driving mileage and driving time charge, and different cities have different charging standards. The credit card is used between the customer and the driver.

in the promotion of the time, the title of internal modification, description and so on, are refer to the online tutorial to complete, this is the most basic SEO, so it’s quite smooth, the internal structure adjustment after all, I have to update the site’s article, I know & quot; content is king, the chain for the emperor " the truth, so this is my full effort, because I was the site class very much, each column to add content, so very tired. And basically every one is original, and it takes almost 5 to 6 hours a day to update it. Although the article is not much, only about 8 articles, but I pay special attention to the content of the article, whether it is title or text, the quality should feel fairly good. In fact, the soft Wen, then I basically did not >

2010 June is the graduation diploma, I am no exception, leave back to school for my graduation thesis Zhu, actually a lot of people in a semester before graduation began to prepare personal papers, but I returned to school only spent a day on the fix, and always also received praise, in this period, a lot of students are in preparation for this, I did not think what to do, then by chance, in the group of guests and some talk about Taobao website alliance thing, which inspired me, so I try to understand this, feel very good, and I also just do optimization, hit it off and began to make up a website.

tomorrow, New York city residents provided by Uber, not only can be called a car, also can be directly called a yellow taxi. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said, "for thirty years, residents of New York did not have to take a taxi to the street for the first time."."

TechCrunch, Uber R & D team including rocket research scientists, computational neuroscience experts and nuclear physicists, these experts in order to improve the precision of Uber algorithm and service, to accurately predict the location of the car to reach the client time.

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was the choice of product, is the basic choice of Taobao profit is relatively high, and the high reputation of the shop to promote products, while add, modify the site side column, 2 weeks to put the entire site ready, then Alipay is bound, all ready to promote up! My university is major in computer, SEO also contacted, so this can just try their SEO level, but also a good opportunity to practice, and can make money, so very cherish and look forward to

however, at present, only 105 of the 13000 taxis in New York have joined the $43 million Uber raised last year.

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