Each of the two families is not one The deduction of non net profit of less than 30 million PO Do


sing, CEO, Chen Hua told the first financial daily. "The question he is asked most every day is" sing, why is it popular? "

but the venture wasn’t going well at first. Initially, he founded a "most scouring net" of the electricity supplier shopping guide promotion website, hoping to rely on their years of life, services and electricity providers to accumulate contacts, re engage in a career. But he did not expect, only two months, the "most scouring net" failed.


decided to do the singing before, Chen Hua also intends to try to do location-based services based secondary trading platform, using gravity sensors to help users achieve 3D image restoration and other more than 10 projects.

technology was not the reason for concern, the Commission may not simply be whether the net profit indicators, more is the status identification and financial sustainable management ability of the company is true.



below is the first half of 2017, the monthly rate of IPO will be counted as follows:

more than choice, the Audit Commission since 2017 290 cases of IPO, which will not be over 243, there are 41, accounting for 83.79% and 14.14% respectively.

first of all, let’s take a look at the 2017 IPO so far, no enterprises in the deduction of non net profit of less than 30 million of enterprises accounted for.

serial entrepreneur

in order to fit the reality, we defined the time interval of the study from January 1, 2017 to July 12, 2017.

will become the new three cyclones technology, eighth home in the success of the listed company; and the technology first crashed, become the new board’s first IPO was whether the listed company.

but some people began to question: behind the explosive growth of the mobile Internet, the business model is not mature and the giant admission of uncertainty, overnight singing what will be settling down the "beer", or floating on top of the "bubble"

it is worth noting that, the new three board has submitted to the Commission’s starting materials listed company, its non deduction after the profit is not as much as 30 million of the same few.

IPO tighter: buckle non 30 million net profit less than, please be careful,

, an image processing software based on social applications, Instagram has finally become a source of inspiration. Chen Hua and his team realized that "in fact, mobile phones are a natural tool for recording.". The basic function of a cell phone is to call, and we begin to talk about using the most basic microphone >

removal of non disclosure of IPO company, the remaining 26 IPO no, the company has 12 non deduction of non standard profit, accounting for 46%.


3W coffee co-founder Bob Ella said: there are two love to sing the miracle of this summer, one is "The Voice of China", the other is sing.


last year, already eager for the mobile Internet, Chen Hua decided to leave again, began the two venture.

so, here comes the question. In the 41 IPO companies, how many non profits have not reached 30 million yuan,

talked about the initial project, and Chen Hua said it was a bit of a risk. "Because the company from top to bottom, a record company boss does not know, is not a star, the company even a song good people who are not, we can only be a bet, bet our technology and product team can do better."

July 12th, the SFC gem issuance Audit Committee reviewed 5 IPO applications, 2 will be held, and 3 will be denied.

this is another story of "overnight fame". Sing is actually a social attribute of the K application, the end of May this year released 3 days after rushed to the App Store free gold before the ten, fourth day rush to the first. Now three months have passed, and it’s still in the top five free list, with millions of users.

However, from the recent

good news and bad news come down with three new boards.

2016 November IPO speed since the market optimism is expected for IPO speed and the "threshold" Anxiang, deduction of non net profit of less than 30 million can easily be.

in addition, there is a little attention should be paid to the net profit is less than 30 million of the business impact of IPO, "will" have thousands of reasons why a reasonable doubt you take all kinds of means of packaging for the impact of IPO, or even fraud.


sang it in the Sanyuanqiao third home building in a less than 90 square meters of office was born, has visited the people here said, "here is as simple as a courier company’s transfer station."."

, born in 1978, Chen Hua is regarded as a serial entrepreneur in the Internet circle. From 2006, the Asian Institute of Microsoft search business left he founded Cool News, 2008, Chen Hua in the end because investors and differences left into the Alibaba re start the search for R & D.

trial will be the results, because the deduction of non net profit of less than 30 million yuan and crashed enterprises accounted for up to 46%, which means that if the net profit of less than 30 million of the company, there are two in the family was not.

Liu Jia

, the most intuitive difference is that: the former 2016 deduction of non net profit over 30 million yuan, and the latter did not.