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Internet has become a traditional industry, and success is becoming more and more difficult. We need a more peaceful attitude, looking for a breakthrough point, a little bigger. Intelligent hardware entrepreneurs do not want to rely on hardware to make money, but also do not earn long; price butcher millet cross over there, millet box 299, red rice 799, the follow-up is bound to enter the smart

some small partners clamoring to take Internet thinking to transform traditional industries. In fact, the Internet thinking has not been regarded as the core competitiveness, because the Internet has become hydropower coal. The author with the line of intelligent communication found their Home Furnishing manufacturers do not lack the so-called Internet of thinking, even better; with their deep understanding of the industry, marketing channel resources and hardware cost control ability, personally think that traditional enterprises in the opportunities for smart hardware may be more.

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now do not talk about wearable devices, intelligent hardware are embarrassed to say that they are mixed Internet circles. But when other people are crazy, but their own calm, and now the same is true of intelligent hardware business. Today would like to talk about their own cold thinking, it is intended to engage in intelligent hardware venture a little advice, only on behalf of individuals superficial view.

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in fact, the Internet industry has gradually become the traditional industry, but many people have not been aware of it.

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is a hero. He needs to keep up with the pulse of the times. A few big Internet industry ecosystem dominated the Empire has been formed, even more frightening is that they are extremely has the sense of crisis, rapid action, hard at work night and day looking hard for opponents, almost nonexistent chance to rise from under their noses.

the last two days of Lele company and china related departments made a lot of communication, the tentative opinions are as follows:

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special forces, Lele in special forces in the description of products have highlighted the thorough investigation of cheating. Happy union in August 2007 issued a "special forces" are described as follows: "special forces" is a free game, user registration and activation of the telecom or Netcom is a registered partition, each registered 4 yuan settlement to the webmaster. Lele will prosecute all cheating webmaster, first found cheating will not be settled at the same time, Lele reserve other responsibilities right, please cheat Adsense away from the product promotion. Real time statistics registration, every week settlement commission. Such as: 8-6 to 8-13 data in 8-20 settlement.

intelligent hardware business much higher than the threshold of APP entrepreneurship, it is software, hardware, cloud trinity of comprehensive strength competition, are indispensable. An entrepreneurial team, both at the same time these types of talent, that is called the gene, so as to grow into a shark’s potential, to get the favor of investors. Real smart hardware start-ups are capital, technology intensive, need to have a profound understanding of the industry, a strong supply chain, control capabilities and channel marketing capabilities, start-up companies are difficult to hold live. But once it is made, it forms a strong barrier and is difficult to imitate. Each segments will eventually form the 721 pattern, other game player may become cannon fodder.

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investors only love "high, handsome, rich"

Internet thinking is not the core competitiveness of

dynamic alliance!

big economic situation is bad, there are downside risks, the real economy is weak, capital chain tension, investment pressure is relatively large, more cautious. "Investment is investment," "high handsome, rich", with a bright resume and entrepreneurial experience, naturally more popular, the probability of success is greater. It also reminds grassroots entrepreneurs to recognize reality and do not put all their hopes on financing.

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