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Japan Hyakusen Renma brand, launched a new cooperation this month, provide integral and 3% booking discount for employee benefits outsourcing company Benefit One member, this part for business listings about 560.

CPM COST PER THOUSAND, cost per thousand: according to the access fees have become Internet advertising practices. The charges each CPM from $20 to $80 range.

in general, Japan is a native local pension as a foreign "tour pal" love to choose relatively cheap and affordable accommodation, most people will choose their business office business hotel chain, such as Inn, Super and Hotel Dong Heng some time ago in the topic of the vortex center APA.

Hyakusen Renma in 2014 from the United States and Japan specifically to support start-up venture capital world innovation laboratory World Innovation Lab to get the seed round of financing 200 million yen about $2 million, last year won the 1 billion 400 million yen about $13 million of the third round of financing. A special service for idle B & B available to passengers, specifically by the platform Stay Japan to take care of, two is to provide the farmhouse style experience for residents, farmers or fishermen to go home in the farm.

Hyakusen Renma in Osaka in June this year and put into operation to a pension real estate, designed to share office space for business travelers, and is preparing for long-term business activities to attract guests.

now Japan B & B operators may not want to do business with foreign tourists, the hotel guest also became a target.

3, you should pay attention to in the application of advertising, your own personal information must fill in with English especially post encoding, international mail Chinese post is distributed to the area through the postal encoding or he sent to you, will not receive a cheque.

business and Japanese B & B worldwide, more and more business travel accommodation in the selection began experimenting with private residence, office and sightseeing combination. Compared to the Economy Inn Airport standard facilities, accommodation can provide opportunities for residents to experience the local culture, so business people now choose to stay in the standard and the standard about leisure vacation.

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LOGO icon: or special sign is usually used to promote business brand, usually the size of 81*33.

chat room.

CLICKS clicks: every time when the visitors visit a business page by clicking on the banner ads, said one click. The number of clicks can objectively and accurately reflect the effect of advertising.

IMPRESSION impressions: number of pages are accessed. >

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Hyakusen Renma said the Benefit and One together, can let their people through the broad coverage of the employee benefits outsourcing company to homestay business travel concept gradually familiar. B & B user identity information and the Benefit One transfer to advance has been verified, the credibility is high.

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The trend of development of commercial

BANNER banner: a business advertising content of the pictures, placed in the advertiser’s page, usually the size of 468*68, often made animation form.


Hyakusen Renma which is expected to increase by 8 million members, so that the number of registered members reached 23 million people’s pension.

the necessary conditions and precautions

short rental platform Airbnb can also be corroborated by this trend. Current >

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