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, please hold your cell phone and raise your hand. Now, everybody can look around. Look at the ocean of this phone. Can you still see the BlackBerry? Can you still see the NOKIA



7 years ago, NOKIA has 50% of the global mobile phone market, and apple has 0%. But exactly 7 years ago, Apple launched its first iPhone, and shlf1314 introduced the Android operating system, and everything has changed since then.

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dream into reality,

, let’s take a look at today’s global business landscape. China has become one of the largest manufacturing and consumer markets in the world. Their Internet companies and start-ups are springing up and making disruptive innovations. Today, China’s labor force is already quite different from what you previously thought.

that year, the Internet’s second entrepreneurial climax quietly. In March of that year, Yang Haoyong and several partners founded the fair network formally launched. And he did not expect, he has been in the United States and San Francisco Bay area has been used and optimistic about the Craigslist city model, will be so quickly spread to the domestic. A few days later, Sina’s classification information channel and eBay investment they launched kijiji. Since then, there are more than 200 related sites nationwide rush. Online classifieds have an almost fabulous start in China, even described as the next gold mine after SP and online games.

today, apple is the world’s most profitable mobile phone company, while the global market share of NOKIA smartphones has dropped to 5%.

, Professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford University

fortunately, we have witnessed the whole process of disruptive innovation. Now, however, many young careers are about to begin, and those who want to start business will be exposed to the vagaries of the ruthless world. Now I want to talk to you about how disruptive innovation will affect the business world in the next 50 years, and what this means for young entrepreneurs.

same, I’ll ask you again how long you haven’t rented videos and you’ll also use paper maps? These questions point to the changing world and your role in it.

50 years later, Christensen, a professor at Harvard University, developed his theory and elaborated on the operation of this subversive innovation.

everyone has heard the bear Pete’s name. He put forward the theory of subversive innovation. Inpet believes that capitalism is a process of continuous evolution, new industries and new companies are emerging, old things have been eliminated.

innovation will make once outstanding enterprises are constantly eliminated, new enterprises are emerging, this change is the source of social vitality. Now, back to the topic of mobile phones.

. This year in April, thousand oak group shut down its classified information website, "everybody net" it is a clear shuffle signal. "classified information online market growth is indeed not as fast as we had expected." 58 city founder and CEO Yao Jinbo on the "Internet Weekly" said. This industry is slow for some investors eager to see the results of backing out.

two years later, the wonderful scene many people were looking forward to did not come. Who will win the long distance race?

efficiency over innovation?

one day in January 2005, Yang Haoyong, who just got off the plane, was in a heavy snow, so he felt cold and couldn’t get used to it. Having studied and worked in the United States for more than 5 years, he was almost oblivious to his bicycle ride, but he was determined to join in the country’s growing Internet boom.

and Yang have the same psychological strategy and Kijiji general manager Wang Jianshuo, he even predicted that it will be a tough battle for seven or eight years. In the United States, the online market has reached billions of dollars and is growing at double-digit levels every year. But in China, the fat meat will not be eaten at one time or another. Moreover, from the operation of more than two years, it seems impossible to copy the United States completely. Thus, in the examination paper which has no sole answer, everyone has a new plan.

Two years later, the wonderful scene that many people were looking forward to did not come soon enough, The

counts as one of the toughest days of his career, and Yang Haoyong and his rival, CEO Li, of the word-of-mouth network, are still a bit of a psycho". After the idea of entrepreneurship has been recognized by the industry, the enormous psychological pressure has always been like the shadow. Yang Haoyong >

July 20th, shlf1314 formally announced the establishment of a joint venture with the market network "Beijing Valley Xiang Information Technology Co., Ltd.", by Yang Haoyong as general manager, responsible for the operation of the shlf1314.cn website. Go to the net and shlf1314 this scandal end. "From the very first day, I knew it wouldn’t be a quick return."." With a new identity, Yang Haoyong intends in the next 35 years, in the Ganji net invested 100 million yuan of funds, but the funds from shlf1314 did not get his confirmation.

digital trends are accompanied by the rise of China

has grown up with our generation – newspapers, bookshops, video rentals, personal computers – are being abandoned.

Some of the seemingly indispensable things that

times have changed, and now the global brand is gradually losing control of the past, the physical channel is a virtual channel failure, market share and innovation ability has been compared is not so important, and the application of mobile Internet products all kinds of creative is devour the world.

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