How can we see Wangzhuan youTwitter business in those years

saying, actually, it’s not easy to do anything. The sky does not drop pie, not more directly fall into your mouth. But I also believe that such a person to ask, most should be no contact Wangzhuan, what can’t even make networking. Say to those who ask: to understand, to practice, and to tell you is that the net can be washed out of gold, the key is your skills, your thinking,

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see a lot of people are on the Internet, Wangzhuan is not a lie, I think that some naive, ask useful? I believe that such a person to ask, at least somewhat to do wangzhuan. And the starting point, they more or less think Wangzhuan is actually a part-time job, an easy part-time!

day, Jack · Dorsey which later became twitter co-founder Odeo CEO and podcasting company Evan · Williams later to become Twitter’s co-founder and chief executive officer sitting in the corner of the park to eat, chat is what new ideas can make the stagnant Odeo company adopted. Chatting, Jack suddenly remembered the information he had sent in Gold Gate Park several years ago and was stranded on the service. Although the experience was not successful at the time, Jack believed that in the complex urban life, the idea of simplifying the effective ways of communicating and sharing information among people was correct.

followed a week of brainstorming, and Jack adjusted the original concept, combining it with text messaging and incorporating minimalism into it. In the discussion, we proposed Twitter’s initial service concept: send short messages to what you are doing and send it in real time

key choice: Twitter and apple iPhone complement each other, become the Internet young people love. It is a center with the user, for the user to solve problems, the frequent downtime as the main obstacles to overcome, not only to overcome the difficulties, but also won the heart of the user.

said people will think Wangzhuan, several familiar platform, shlf1314 Adsense, sh419 Union, Ali Alliance YAHOO, CHANet net, Linktech linktech, NarrowAD, pig Witkey platform, twitter China alliance platform. The first few are advertising unions, all of them are members of the station, and the ones that do well are just a few. Others are just like tiger cats. And the pig, push China, and the front of a few different, but also different from each other. First of all, I admire the model of "pig eight quit". A lot of virtual things can be really realized here. But it is mainly aimed at individuals, like answering a question, the last to adopt only one answer, this is the most cruel. So you need to keep on and on as much as possible to be accepted. You have to prepare ideas that mostly do useless work.

key strategy: to win the market with innovation and difficulty. Twitter sees every crisis, every opponent, as a necessary experience and a partner in his own growth.

Jack excitedly thought, and immediately seized the opportunity to show his boss, Evan, Like a sudden flash of light in the dark, Evan, ·, and Williams expressed a keen interest in the idea.

strategy results: now, Twitter announced the IPO pricing range, saying it would sell 70 million shares at $17 to $20 per share. By this calculation, the maximum valuation of Twitter in IPO transactions is $10 billion 900 million. And, IPO has become the only way for Twitter to develop further.


so, three years time, also let me know much in this chaotic world wangzhuan.

critical moment: when the Internet is at a low ebb, Twitter has sprung up and won market attention with its minimalist and Ultimate Internet service products, winning the market. At this point, the competition is fierce, opponents powerful, twitter in the competition sometimes thrown to the high altitude, and sometimes fell to the bottom.

reviews some of the company’s early stories at Twitter’s IPO.

twitter Twitter is one of the oldest onomatopoeia words, vibration simulation cricket when the voice of the modern people, just shook with excitement, and makes the information explosion with short focus meaning. On twitter IPO mouth, and then recall it on the Internet at low tide of entrepreneurial experience, in the competition to win the market in the process of life and growth in nature and innovation.

Wangzhuan three years, from the initial IT migrant workers, like selling labor, busy with all of the platform to the post, to register, now operates five or six good sites. This is three years of experience in truth, Wangzhuan, cheated a lot of hard sweat, flow away in vain.

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in the relatively late development of the China, Wangzhuan is only ten years or so of the time. Chinese Internet market is huge, must lead the people to the IT industry to develop this area, due to lack of experience, lack of domestic market system, off the line like cotton, uneven, chaos, much like the property market as China is expanding, but the lack of quality, finally into a bubble.

pushes China

is already quite mature in foreign countries, wangzhuan. Just like a production line, each link is very reliable.

twenty-first Century must be the century of the Internet. In the rapid development of Internet information technology, the gold rush on the Internet is nothing new. Wangzhuan, a difference in the car to work, a new industry with the development of the Internet and the derived. And this industry must be a trend.

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