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Chai does not avoid his "rich two generation" identity, when we met at the beginning of this year, talking about their past, naturally chatted about his father’s entrepreneurial experience. Is his father’s entrepreneurial deeds infected him? Why did he choose not to the family money, not to family business and his own business? His entrepreneurial road had what sad,

this is not only a brilliant story of firewood primary school experience, he was another primary invention of the game, invented a baby bed, as long as the baby is shaking, baby car will send a mother tape. A factory in Zhejiang will soon launch the baby bed, can leave firewood only honor.

, no matter what you do, first of all to ensure that you are doing things to target customers is valuable, do Taobao customers especially in this way, no matter what you do, first to ensure the products target customers you do are in demand. Some of these needs are dominant, such as search for which diet tea is good, this is obviously looking for weight loss products. Some are hidden and need to be guided. For example, you collect a lot of cheap and affordable products. Many people don’t look at these words before they see them, but you may buy them when you see the products you recommend. For these two needs, do Taobao customers can be divided into two major categories, one is directly through the search engines with traffic, which is mainly targeted at a clear demand for target customers. Two is directly to the product directly extended to target customers, this way is mainly for invisible demand customers.

in recent years, as more and more Taobao customers, many of my friends are seeing online publicity Taobao guest how simple, a station can automatically make money and full of confidence in the industry, came in after it was found that far did not imagine that simple, Taobao customers really make money not many webmaster. According to my own more than three years to do some of Taobao’s experience, to just enter this industry friends some suggestions, I hope all of you can help.

two, guest website before the first analysis of this group of customers you face is what kind, then these people choose the appropriate way to promote, or often spent a lot of effort, but did not see the effect. At present, Taobao competition is very fierce, if mainly through the search engines with traffic, then it is necessary to segment the industry, refined to specific brands to do. There are a lot of mature Taobao customer system, you can directly build a web site, many webmaster is the way to do Taobao customers, but similar such sites are large and complex, the target population is scattered, it is difficult to pinpoint the site keywords, directly through the search engine with the flow is difficult, more the other way is to promote the auxiliary website, for example, but that these group, the effect is not very good. Therefore, no matter what station to do, the trend is to fine words direction, stability, and then gradually expansion.

high school, home to him to arrange a private high school in Beijing, called in the school, a famous school of foreign reserve nobility, firewood can be second times as "wonderful", this is odd because of his poor "". In addition to tuition and room and board, his father

‘s family conditions did not bring much change to the firewood, he said, and his father had been very strict with him. His father asked him to keep a diary every day. He wrote from primary school to junior high school. Occasionally, after taking him out of school, he would drive away from the school gate to avoid the superiority of firewood in the school.

‘s father quit his college teaching job in 95 years and started his own business. To help him remember on the first day of the time every day to go to his father’s yard, do some primary work to the second day their home is the most expensive in the Guiyang area to buy a big house, opened the window you can see the sights of Guiyang "jiaxiulou". He also no longer need to go to the factory helper.

? The improvement of

Chai may, Guizhou people, twenty-six years old this year, a hard pressed, and the future is full of longing for entrepreneurs.

three, the better way to target customers for invisible consumer demand, is to spread the product directly to him. At present, relatively effective methods are the following: 1 establish a personal blog to recommend products, taobao, Amazon and other major e-commerce sites to collect practical and cheap goods, and then write here to share articles, ask you to find the practical and affordable goods enough enough. Then the article send dynamic sharing forum, group, shopping SNS community groups on the platform, as long as you find the product does have value, it must be harvested, once formed the word of mouth, a lot of people will collect your website regularly, see you share what good stuff, this time you the income will increase stability. >

Chai’s childhood may have been the same as the childhood of every intellectual family, and that was in 80s, and the ignorance of knowledge made intellectual incomes much lower than those of traders. But in elementary school, Chai has shown an unusual side. He is one of the most common primary school, according to his own words, "almost is a primary school in the city of Guiyang in the worst conditions", he referred to himself as the primary school in the "wonderful", in our chat, he used two times this somewhat negative meaning of words describe yourself. He was odd in elementary school because of his excellence. He won the first prize in the national composition competition in Hongkong in the three or four grade. The prize money was ten thousand yuan and a large sum of money. When all the students in a school principal to the sixth grade of the face, asked him to take the money to do what he said, compulsory duty bound to the hope project. He said that he will soon have a little regret, but the situation at the time, can only say so, in such a small age will say so in line with the conditions of the China answer, and he was very poor family conditions.

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