How to improve blog PV


wants to add PV is different because of the different blogs themselves, and everyone has their own priorities, depending on the goals they set for their blogs. And if you really want to quickly increase the PV value, the following seven tips will help you a lot.

1. article interconnect

The easiest way for

to increase PV values is to link content related articles to each other within your own Blog. Although some people are dismissive of this approach, readers will like it. In an article, adding links to other topics related to it is a little tiring, but it’s worthwhile to enhance your visitor’s reading experience. And other people involved in similar content, you can increase the depth of your writing.

2. highlight related articles


add links to articles, not necessarily in the list at the end of a "theme", you read in the paper (Note: refers to the Internet), you will see many yellow part of the text in the link between the lines, this is some real cases related topics. In WordPress, through a plug-in (called "related posts") professional writing blog, it can according to what you write, automatically find related topics, of course, you can also manually run the "related posts", simply add related links in the end theme.

3. offers news mail service

updates the PV value quickly by issuing an update notification via news mail. People who registered with my news post ProBlogger know that there is a "hot posts" column in each email, which contains the hottest 5 blog posts of the site in a week. Many people get the latest blog posts in this way without having to log on to the site. This increases the amount of web access and adds PV values. Other ways to automatically notify updates by e-mail are also useful for adding PV values.

4. highlights the important article

in the most prominent position

recently, I’ve seen a lot of friends browsing through blogs for the first time in ProBlogger, and I noticed that the article they browsed most was the article I placed in the three menu bar highlighted at the top of the site. Here I’ve outlined the role of these menu bars and how to find important articles through their help, which makes the Blog more attractive.

The best page for

5. is

on the site at the top of the menu bar, it is best to have a similar to the "best" or "what what editors such as" page link, "Top 20 Posts at ProBlogger" is a good example, as far as I know, many for the first time browsing ProBlo>

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