Talk about the baby Li Yu from a treasure mother angle to do maternal and child community

The rapid development of Internet

in ten years this appeared vertical websites in various industries, while the number of both maternal and child class platform community, electricity supplier or vertical sites are no one can be called a successful case.

mother infant platform low threshold, but to really grasp the needs of the audience is very difficult. From the audience (treasure dad Baoma) point of view, the pregnancy is just to reduce the network community needs, even if it is called Internet immigration after 85, 90 parents face serious homogenization and low quality content platform is also difficult to start, you know, the whole process of pregnant mothers in general Po anxiety, restless psychological condition.

so a mother let treasure treasure dad can learn knowledge during pregnancy, focus on the share exchange, consumption direction of intimate, relaxed, the most important is to have a professional atmosphere of the community will become "just need to treasure the mother".

private customized pure mother infant community experience

has two children of Baoma Li Yu mentioned at the beginning, in pregnant women generally have psychological anxiety problems, and now 85, more and more 90 Baoma, culture in the Internet is very concerned about the inner feelings to share.

and the new version of the baby is also deepening in the maternal social direction of personalized customization. For different stages of the treasure mother, they can pay attention to the current status of useful information, and their own troubles can be experienced treasure mother to share, help and solve. The atmosphere of the whole community has become so loving that the mother will be more willing to spend time in such a community after receiving help and encouragement.

in the first level entrance, "mother help", "treasure mother" can also according to their own interests to join different sub bbs. Not only concerned about mother and baby, but also more women’s own social needs expansion. Li Yu mentioned in this said, the traditional maternal website do not go down largely because of the late tracking service is poor, but my mother helped start focusing on women, emotions, parenting, and so many aspects of life services, maintain the user stickiness.

uses games to deepen user experience

gaming social, so that Bao mother in the sharing process of communication more relaxed and enjoyable, enjoy, but also enhance their sense of belonging to the community. Talk about the baby behind, there has always been a game of the framework, with points, excellent beans to stimulate Bao mother share exchange enthusiasm, and part of the electricity supplier is also bound to exist.

In the new version of

, the game concept is embodied, and the character + task model is directly mentioned at the first level entrance. A cute Avatar (virtual image) is automatically generated according to the user’s initial pregnancy phase, and the mother and child can complete the task, decorate the room and baby, and open new services and gameplay. The task itself will be closely linked to the mother and child in this direction. At the same time, a combination of users has also spawned the goddess group

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