Autumn wind analysis of local sites small flow of how profitable


issued a paper on local portal site operation [wind] experience in the A5, by some webmaster attention, and some webmaster and I QQ want to communicate with me related experience, I feel very honored. Somewhere in the webmaster exchange group, see some Adsense in the discussion flow of meaning, some owners said: "I see some webmaster friends for a whole three or four stations, and the day is full of traffic optimization, my brain, that is not a waste of youth? " " no traffic, how to make money?" yes, under normal circumstances, a stand to profit, can only rely on the traffic flow is larger, more profitable. Because most of the webmaster have a traditional concept, no flow, there will be no advertisers to see our station.

, but the autumn wind will say, "no traffic, we can still profit.". No traffic is not equal to a point of traffic did not! I did not say that your station traffic is 0, you can also profit, it is impossible. At least, you should have a day flow of 100 IP? Less traffic, can profit the secret is, you may not always stand, less traffic, you sell the station in the future, rather than now, understand? So, how does it work? The combination of my Yuhuan niwota network experience, brief introduction.

1. looking for website promotion gift sponsor

if you have a website sponsored by a merchant, do you think this is a form of profit for your website? I think so. If you want to promote the site, certainly need some input, but when you pull merchants to sponsor promotional costs and promotional gifts, but also reduces the operating costs of the site, it is considered a profit in disguise. This is actually a lot of cases, but many webmaster didn’t think of it. The thought of this idea, but also because I have experienced a student in the School Forum promotion, then a Student Forum promotion publicity registration can win prizes, the registration of the forum, won a mouse pad, the mouse pad is a game company sponsored the forum for the promotion of the use of students. Here, do you think, your local website can also borrow this trick to promote their website? Autumn wind on the positive contact with a local computer company, support your website promotion. Ha ha, it is also a mouse pad, but remember, the mouse pad printed sponsor ads, but also printed their own website advertising.

2. uses "one card" mode,

webmaster friends have not contacted the "one card"? Should not unfamiliar? Many universities have similar "one card" thing, that is, set the student card, library card and so on. Of course, there are commercial "one card", known as the "trade union card.". That is, you can enjoy discounts in many businesses universal card. In fact, the local website, trying to use "one card" profit, there have been many similar success stories. The local gateway station is actually a very good platform, with this advantage, to achieve the "one card" project, even if you are a recently established portal

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