How to write online marketing situation soft text

network marketing in order to achieve good results, soft sometimes essential. Often see a friend to write the text and their promotional website eight pole could not beat the edge, the others, another link becomes its own soft and full release, in fact, let people see that this is a soft, naturally will not have what effect.


yourself to write a soft Wen really so difficult? Today I will tell you a simple and effective method of soft soft Wen wrote the scene, as the name suggests, is to have a "soft" things in a particular context, the scene let the reader into the situation of infection and imperceptibly accept your "soft".

for example this article in the "Ali Xiaoyi network" has a good view and reply to a restaurant in the propaganda.

my sweet encounter with beauty

is so exciting today, beauty + gourmet, dare not own, so soon come to share with you. My name is Luo, Luo Luo, since last year since I graduated from a small private enterprise has been in the city to work every day with the boss’s countenance and a bunch of chirping old women, in this city I seem particularly lost and alone. In the evening, a hard day I dragged his exhausted body, came to the city road in the familiar Yanshan alley, walked into the old lane beer duck, sat down on the seat, the waiter I said "half a beer duck", then from the next seat almost invariably came "half a beer duck crisp and sweet voice, tone on eyebrows, four back, gentle slightly apologetic smile to each other. Her delicate features, with edge glasses myopia, a dignified sitting……… .

through this writing is not too successful article, when we are building the scene outside the affair may laugh or secretly hating his not so good luck, may have inadvertently received such a message: Yanshan City Road Lane has a "old lane beer duck shop taste, should be good, can meet the beauty here. And this information may be the real intention of this post. According to this article comments the situation, many netizens are simply the beautiful scene by a landlord, just because in the situation, do not know the landlord real intention.

write a good scene, soft text

first: there must be someone or something attractive, too bland story is not seen, in the case of beauty may be a eye-catching figure.

second: you want to "soft" things play a crucial role in this fascinating story, not is not essential, such as in the above, if the writer is experiencing the beauty in front of the restaurant on the street, the possible effect will be very different.

finally: remember, soft in praise of you, too. Good things do not go out, bad news travels. Praise too much

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